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My favourite props and where I got them

I love adding props into my photos and although many of them can already be found sat on my dressing table, there are some which I use especially for blogging purposes.
We're all guilty of buying things purely because they look pretty, or because they'll *totally* suit your aesthetic. So here are my favourite props to use and where I got them..

There's no denying I bought this Pink Candle purely to feature in my photos. I don't intend on lighting this one as it looks so pretty untouched. I love that it actually says 'pink' on the front in metallic gold writing. I could buy all of H&M's candles, they've got such a good (and photogenic) range to choose from.

Another candle I love is this DW Pink Champagne scented candle, which was a gift from my Mum. It has a pink chrome/mirrored finish with a dotted pattern all over, as well as a little wooden lid. I might light this one day as you can still keep the outside packaging in tact, but for now I'm keeping it as it is! This one was from Marks and Spencer but I couldn't find it on their website to link.

I had to have these Marble & Rose Gold coasters when I saw them in TKmaxx, they were only £5.99 for a pack of 4! They're quite weighted but I love using them as props, they look impressive underneath anything from mugs to candles to lipsticks. The pink candle here is also from TKmaxx, I find if you go in the daytime through the week there are so many more options available to choose from.

Something which you may see in a lot of my photos is this Wake up & Make up brush holder* that was kindly sent to me by small business Elsie and Nell. I just love how makeup brushes look in them compared to a clear jar, and it now sits proudly in the centre of my dressing table. You can also get these personalised to have your name on! I'm always using my set of rose gold makeup brushes as props as well, which I keep in the brush holder. I need to invest in some cheaper ones though as these are the ones I use daily so aren't always clean enough for photos.

I love using this heart shaped bowl for sweets or other tasty treats. I actually got these in a set of 3 but you can buy them individually too. I think it looks really cute as a prop. Wilko do some really inexpensive home bits that are super 'blogger', I love it!

These Rose Gold stud earrings are like my 'finishing touch' when it comes to props, I love adding a pair in the corner for a bit of sparkle. I do genuinely wear these too as they're super pretty but I did initially buy them for photo purposes. Again, they're really affordable and handy for photos.

Other things I like to use in my photos are Essie nail polishes, pink ribbon, pretty perfume, and more candles! I do need to invest in more cute props though, artificial plants and flowers especially as I don't have many of those. But I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite ones to use!

Where do you get your props from? Would love some ideas!

Cally x

Items marked (*) were gifted to me

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