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Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation | Review

A few weeks back I took full advantage of the 3 for 2 offers and branched out on a new affordable foundation to try. I'd heard some good things about this particular one, and with it being a matte formula it sounded right up my street anyway. I hear so much about the Fit Me concealer as well as the U.S version of this foundation so I had fairly good expectations from it! I've been testing it now for the past 2 weeks - my skin is quite reactive to products so I can get a good idea of something fairly quickly. So here are my thoughts so far on this Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation!

Like the majority of drugstore foundations, this comes in a plastic squeezy tube with a screw-top lid. I'm used to using this type of packaging with foundations anyway so it's no issue for me, but I know some people prefer a glass bottle with pump. I personally much prefer plastic tubes as I snip them in half when they're getting low and transfer the remaining product into a small tub. This takes your product so much further - something which you can't do with a glass bottle! There is actually a glass bottle version of this available but I'm not actually sure if it's the same formula. The tube version is very light weight and contains 30ml of product, as does the glass bottle.

The formula is really light and quite thin which is different compared to other matte foundations. The consistency reminds me a lot of the L'Oreal True Match foundation - it even applies similarly. It blends into the skin easily and effortlessly, and just as it claims, doesn't skin into pores either. It leaves the skin looking hydrated and sets to a natural-matte finish. I don't find it to be as matte as other matte foundations but it's definitely a more breathable (and affordable!) option. It doesn't require much touching up throughout the day for me - it does get a little oily on my cheeks and t-zone but so does every other foundation.

Once built up, this light foundation becomes a good medium coverage. It definitely evens the skin tone and hides minor blemishes, but it does require the help of concealer for anything more. As I said, it doesn't sink into pores and makes everything appear naturally seamless. It's got a kind of 'your skin but better' feel to it as it's not totally full coverage and does let your skin show through slightly - but it's definitely got the coverage you need as well as the lasting power.

At just £6.99 this is the cheapest foundation I've now tried. It's not the absolute best but it's definitely not the worst. I've tried much more expensive foundations and hated them. The only problem I seemed to have was the first couple of times I tried it, I broke out quite a bit but I'm still not sure whether it was the foundation or not. Other than that, it's a really great and affordable option for those with normal or oily skin, possibly even dry skin as it's fairly hydrating too! Basically a great all rounder, with a good selection of shades to choose from too. I've been really impressed with it for the price, I think I'll have to try the concealer now!

Have you tried this foundation? Tell me your thoughts!

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