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Smarties Brownies | Recipe

My favourite thing to bake has to be brownies. So quick and simple to make yet they never fail to impress anyone. They're also really versatile so you can add what ever chocolate you like, whether that be Terry's Chocolate Orange pieces, M&M's or even Rolo's! When I started these they were originally going to be Christmas themed and cut into triangles (the Smarties were going to act as baubles on the tree) but things didn't quite go right so I settled for Smarties brownies which were just as good. They turned out lovely, soft and chocolatey without being too rich, with a nice proportion of smarties in each square. Here's how I did it:


Unsalted Butter 195g
Dark Chocolate 195g
Plain Flour 90g
Caster Sugar 275g
Cocoa Powder 35g
Eggs 3
Smarties Milk Chocolate Bar 120g
Tube of Smarties


1. Break up the dark chocolate into squares and cube the butter, put together in a dish and melt over a pan of boiling water or microwave for approximately 2 minutes. Leave to cool back to room temperature

2. Beat the eggs and sugar together for a minute or two until fluffy and doubled in size. You can use an electric mixer but I just used a whisk

3. one cooled, add the chocolate mixture to the egg mix and gently fold in without whisking

4. Add the flour and cocoa powder and again, fold in carefully

5. Break up the Smarties Chocolate bar - I broke each square into 4 so that there was more. Add to the mix as well as half the tube of Smarties

6. Transfer to a greased or lined square dish. I lined a glass square dish with foil and rubbed some butter all over to avoid anything getting stuck

7. Scatter the remaining Smarties from your tube over the top and then it's ready to go in the oven

8. Bake at 170 (fan oven) for around 25 minutes

9. Leave to cool for a couple of hours before cutting into squares and then your brownies are ready to serve and eat!

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