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The best affordable bronzer for pale skin

I'm not quite sure how or why I haven't wrote a post on this already. It's definitely been mentioned a few times here and there but it's about time now that it got its own dedicated post.
I'm talking about the Soap & Glory Solar Powder Bronzer which, if you aren't already aware is the ultimate affordable bronzer for us fair-skinned lot. my recent repurchase of this (shortly after writing this post) sparked my already found love for it and made it even stronger.

The cute compact is complete with 2 cool-toned shades; a medium-coloured matte and an ever so slightly shimmery fair shade. It also comes with a layer of pink pearlescent shimmer on the 'S&G' initials for added effect but that will remove after a couple of uses.
The shades can be used separately or mixed together to get the perfect shade inbetween (which is my personal fave way to use it). The fair shade makes a really soft and natural bronzer and the darker shade helps to deepen and contour the face a little more, which is really handy for when you have a tan. I wouldn't describe it as a bronzing bronzer, just more of a sculpting and shaping one.
The formula is so soft and blendable, which means no patchiness when building up your desired colour. I can't rave enough about how well this works on my (very) pale skin, with or without tan on.

(Swatched on my natural skin tone)

It doesn't quite pick up on camera but the lighter shade does have a very subtle shimmer to it, which is barely noticeable on the skin to be honest, it could probably pass as matte. Either way, it's a really great everyday cool-toned bronzer to have in your makeup bag - in my opinion a must! I'll definitely be getting lots of use from this in the upcoming colder months.

Have you tried this bronzer? What's your favourite for pale skin?

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The Blogger Diaries | Cliona Hill

Today I'm talking to Irish beauty Cliona from Cliona Hill who you very may well of heard of! Ive been following her for quite a while now and I just love her style. She recently completed 31 days of flatlays and I seriously admire her dedication, you could just see how much time and effort had gone into each pretty photo. She proves that you don't need any fancy or expensive equipment to produce top quality content, and I love that. I hope you enjoying getting to know her a bit more as much as I did!

What first attracted you to join the blogging world?
My Sister's friend has had a lifestyle blog since I was a child and when I was a teenager I started reading her posts. I fell in love with blogging and as I started to follow a few more bloggers I discovered the fashion and beauty blogging niche, and I knew then I wanted to start blogging myself one day. I finally got the courage to start my own blog in January 2014 and I'm so glad I did!

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
Definitely meeting and chatting with fellow bloggers that you have lots in common with. I've met some amazing people both in real life and online that inspire and motivate me everyday!

What is your least favourite thing about blogging?
Writers block and not having enough time to dedicate to blogging can be really disheartening! I love blogging so much but when I'm busy or struggling with writers block I always feel so guilty.

If anything, what has blogging taught you so far?
Blogging has taught me lots of new skills and it's helped me discover what career and University course I wanted to do. I had always wanted to be in the creative industry doing something related to fashion or beauty but I always thought because I couldn't draw or do art in school that I could never pursue that dream. But blogging has taught me that there are many other aspects of creativity!

In an average month, how much would you normally spend on beauty products?
Usually, €50-80. Some months I won't buy anything or just the basics i.e if my cleanser runs out and I don't have a backup so then the next month I would tend to spend more on beauty products. I don't go on nights out or drink so buying makeup and skincare products are kinda 'my thing'.

Have you discovered many brands through blogging?
Yes, I've discovered too many brands through blogging which is a good and bad thing I suppose! Bad for my bank balance but great for me to try a wide range of products from different brands. I've discovered so many of my favourite brands though blogging such as Hourglass, Charlotte Tilbury, Becca, Tanya Burr Cosmetics, The Balm and lots more!

Which would you say are your favourite/most used brands?
Definitely Nars and Charlotte Tilbury! Not a day goes by where I don't use at least one of their products! I always feel so confident whenever I use their products. And I have to admit I'm weak when it comes to pretty packaging and it's so hard to resist Charlotte Tilbury's gorgeous packaging!

On an average morning, how long would you spend getting ready?
I can usually get ready within 30 minutes when I have an early start. It used to take me so much longer but since I've started preparing the night before I've reduced the amount of time I need.

What would you say is your biggest achievement so far when it comes to blogging?
Being a finalist for best youth blog in the Blog Awards Ireland at the end of 2014 was an amazing feeling! I still can't believe I made it to the final stage!

Do you have any tips on how to make your blog stand out?
Having clear, bright images and engaging with fellow blogger's content. The quality of camera phones are improving all the time and there's lots of free software to edit photos (I use A Colour Story which is a free app on my phone!) so you don't need to have fancy equipment to get clear, bright images. Engaging with other bloggers and supporting their content is a great way to get to know people and they'll usually support your content too.

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Products I need to repurchase

I was looking through my makeup drawers the other day and realised that I have quite a few products I'm now running low or empty on. I decided the best way to remind myself what I need (as well as why I loved them in the first place) was to turn it into a blog post! Call it a sort of 'empties' post if you like. Some have been empty a while now and others are on their last legs, so I really do need to repurchase asap.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation
This is my second empty bottle of this foundation. It has a light-weight formula and a light-medium coverage, although I mostly wear it medium as I always build it up. Every time I use this I forget how good it is, I seriously underrate it. It looks so natural and poreless on my skin, it doesn't highlight any problem areas and blends so effortlessly. I would usually only wear this on lazy days around the house or when my days aren't going to be that long, as the wear time isn't amazing on me, I wouldn't wear it for work or anything. It's just a great quick-fix foundation to make your skin look really bright and healthy.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer
I've been clinging on to the last little scrapings of this for a couple of months now. I have it in the lightest shade and it's unbelievably brightening on the under eyes, with a weightless feel and a good medium coverage too. The formula to me feels fairly mattifying as it dries quickly, but it lasts all day long. I find it doesnt work too well on dry skin, but has always worked amazingly on my under eyes.

Soap & Glory Solar Powder Bronzer
Since running out of this bronzer months ago, I've been trying lots of different drugstore ones to try and get a similar match. I've not found any to be like it yet, and I keep meaning to pick up another. It's got 2 shades in the pan, both of which are cool-toned but one slightly more bronze. Both shades are matte so can also be used together to create a shade in between. I always steer towards the lighter shade on my pale days and the darker one on my tanned days - it always worked so well which ever my current skin tone was.

NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade
Another pot totally rinsed, I always go through phases of liking and not liking this. I think I've been through about 3 so far but will use it on and off. This time I've stuck to just this from start to finish and I've been really liking it. The way I use it is by using an angled brush and wiping some onto a wet wipe to get the excess off the brush. I find the damp brush gives a more sleeker, sharp finish and not having loads of product on it makes it apply more naturally. About 90% of the time this works and other times it goes terrible and I have to wipe off and start again, that's the only problem with pomades!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Nude Collection
I don't often use a lipstick until it's entirely gone but this is right at the bottom now. I do love a nude lip and the shades in this range are all so nice. I think there are 5(?) altogether and this one is in shade 42 which is a light, pinkish nude but next time I'm going to go for a deeper shade, such as 45. I love how creamy Rimmel lipsticks are, they are so comfortable to wear when my lips are feeling a little too dry for liquid lipsticks.

Barry M Molten Metal Nail Paint in 'Copper Mine'
The same goes for nails in that I hardly ever go through a full bottle, but I've been using this so much since I discovered it last Autumn. It's the perfect Autumn shade but also looks good all year round. It looks quite orange in the bottle but it actually comes off more subtle and rose gold-like, with a shimmery metallic finish. I definitely need to restock for this season!

Do you like any of these products?

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