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My top travel & packing tips

If you haven’t heard me banging on about it over on my Twitter or Instagram by now (sorry not sorry), I’m going to America in a couple of weeks so I thought it was the perfect excuse to write a travel-related post! When ever I book a trip I always find myself obsessing over anything travel related; tips, tricks and all that good stuff that helps make life that little bit easier, so I thought I’d share a few which I’ve used or will be using for my holiday.


I’m always finding ways to save on space in my luggage. I do everything from the rolling up of the clothes trick, to using little plastic tubs and bottles for my liquids, but when I found out this little airport trick my mind was blown. I discovered (via Twitter) that you could actually make an online Boots order to click and collect at the store after security; meaning, you could order all the liquids that you couldn’t fit in your 100ml allowance and it wouldn’t count towards it. This is especially handy for bigger products such as suncream, shampoo, hairspray etc. I tried it last time I went away in October and it worked - I was amazed! I feel like I’ll never pay for luggage again knowing this now.
Top tip: Place your order at least a week in advance to make sure it’s going to arrive in time 

When it comes to bringing my beauty products away, as you can imagine as a beauty lover I have a lot to take. When it comes to foundations, my top tip is to go to your local store and get a sample pot or 2 of your favourite foundations - I know it’s not really meant for that but the little bottles are so useful for travelling. I don’t know about you but I don’t like the thought of taking multiple foundation bottles away and worrying about them breaking or exploding in the checked luggage, plus, it’s not as if you need a whole bottle of foundation for a holiday anyway. This trick gives me piece of mind knowing they’re right next to me in overhead luggage (in my clear plastic bag of course) and not being bashed around somewhere.

Now onto a bit of money saving! I’m not sure if other websites do this the same as I’ve only had experience with the one, but if you book your hotel through Agoda, they offer a ‘best price guarantee’ which means if you find that the price has gone down after booking, they will honour you the difference and give you a refund. The only catch is that you have to find all the evidence yourself, take screenshots of the new price you’ve found, and you have to make sure it’s the same hotel, same dates, same room and same conditions e.g no cancellation, breakfast included. You can do this even if you’ve found the price on Agoda, it doesn’t have to be a different website. I recently got a £72(!!) refund on one of the hotels I’d booked in Hollywood as the price had dropped around 2 weeks after I’d booked it. You can find the claim form here to see what information you need.
Top tip: use Trivago to check on your hotel price regularly as this shows hidden deals which some websites may not show you.

I know that other hotel websites offer a best price guarantee such as Booking.com and hotels.com but I haven’t personally used them to be able to give advice on it. I do however make use of Booking.com ‘s Genius account - I’m a ‘level 2 genius’ so I get a 15% discount on selected rooms and some offer free breakfast as well. If you aren’t sure what this is, it’s a kind of loyalty program that they do so if you book through them a certain number of times, your ‘genius’ ranking and benefits will increase. I mainly find booking.com room rates to be cheaper than anywhere else because of this and rarely book elsewhere - but if you do, make sure to keep an eye on the price after you’ve booked to claim some money back!

And those are my favourite tips & tricks to use whenever I go away - hopefully you’ve learnt something new today here and you’ll use one of them for your future travels too!

*Items pictured were kindly gifted by Nivea

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Styling your walls with Desenio*

I recently wrote a post all about styling your home on a budget, and talked about a few different ways in which you can decorate and style things around your home. In this I briefly touched upon my Desenio collection, and how their posters have helped to bring my decor together, so today I’m going to talk more about the ways in which you can style them.


To some, wall art can be daunting; figuring out what you want, in which size, and then there’s laying it all out on the wall. It’s actually a great way to make your home (and walls) that bit more unique - there’s so many possibilities and it’s all dependant on how you want it. You can be as minimal and simplistic (like me) as you like, or you can create an epic gallery wall with colourful prints and quotes galore. Desenio have a great inspiration page for styling a gallery wall on their website which is really useful to see different layouts and sizes, as well as a create your own gallery wall tool which is pretty fun!

To make things a little different or make your prints stand out, Desenio sell picture mounts which help to frame your posters that little bit more. I love using these and have a couple of them for singular prints hung around the house. They also sell picture ledges which create a more relaxed style, this allows you to move about and swap things without the commitment of a nail in the wall. They are only available in white, black or oak but make such a nice feature on your wall. These are ideal for anyone who likes to switch things up a lot or can’t decide on where to place their frames!

If you're not sure about where to even place frames on your walls, you can always opt for the easy option of standing them against the wall. This is such a fool proof way of creating that relaxed vibe (and also great if you rent your house and can't hang things on the wall!) I love how this looks and you can place them on anything from a side table, to a fire place, and style them with all your favourite bits and bobs.

My house is now full of Desenio prints - I can't get enough of them! I now have 2 of the picture ledges too which I'm obsessed with. If this post has inspired you to make a Desenio order yourself, you can use my code CALLY10 to get 10% off. This is an affiliate code so I do make a small commission on this but I wouldn't promote something I don't genuinely love myself.

*This post was in collaboration with Desenio. Some items were gifted.

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Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks | Review & Swatches

Ahh Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and their dreamy rose gold packaging. There's no denying that packaging sells, (I defo bought the middle one based on the packaging alone) and she definitely knows how to make beautiful products. It seems like I suddenly went from owning 0 of her lipsticks to now owning three - 2 of which are in the same shade! To me these lipsticks were always seen as luxury, (again, probably based on the packaging alone) and I only ever dreamed of owning one myself, so to now have 3 sat on my dressing table is amazing. As you can probably tell, I had high hopes for these iconic lipsticks, but were they really worth the hype - and the price tag?


First of all you're probably thinking, why do you have 2 lipsticks in the same shades? Well my lovely friend Gweni @ gbeauty.co.uk bought me Pillow Talk as a secret Santa present (my first ever Tilbs!), and my Mum also got me 'The Gift of Pillow Talk' set which included the lipstick as well as the matching lip pencil. So, I actually only bought one of the lipsticks myself - JK Magic.

It's worth noting that the two lipsticks here are in different formulas - Pillow Talk is one of the Matte Revolution lipsticks, and JK magic is in the K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula. If you would of asked me 4+ years ago, I would of hands down said that my favourite lip formula was matte; but now that I'm a bit older, and trends have changed, I much prefer a creamy or glossy formula now. These lipsticks however have had me second guessing myself, as I've got to say I'm more of a fan of the Matte Revolution formula.

Top shade - Pillow Talk (£25)

Pillow Talk is an iconic, best selling shade (so much so that they've now widened the range and introduced Pillow Talk Medium and Pillow Talk Deep!). The original shade is a beautiful dusky pink tone, and is super complimentary on fair to medium skin tones. The Matte Revolution formula is such a unique, soft matte formula, that it almost doesn't feel matte at all. Like I said, I used to love matte formulas until a few years ago, but this is far from what you would expect a matte lipstick to feel like. It glides on so smoothly yet still provides the staying power you need. It isn't drying at all, and leaves a kind of satin look on the lips. I was really impressed with this formula, it definitely feels luxurious!

Bottom shade - JK Magic (£28)

JK Magic is part of the Hot Lips 2 range, which is made up of 11 new shades that are all named/inspired by 11 iconic people. This one of course was inspired by JK Rowling, and I love the magical themed packaging that was paired with it. This is a really lovely peachy nude shade - somewhere between a brown and a pink; my favourite kind of shade. The K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula is rich and creamy, and just melts onto your lips, leaving a buttery finish. Again this one feels very luxurious, but is slightly more comfortable on the lips than the Matte Revolution formula. 10/10 for packaging on this one for me.

So are they worth the hype? To put it bluntly - yes! The formulas are both truly unique, the colours are rich and complimentary, and the packaging, well, you get what you pay for don't you. The price point is a little steep but I think it's one of those items that you have to treat yourself to!

Are you a fan of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks?

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