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A Laura Geller palette dupe?

Last year I first discovered the brand Laura Geller whilst browsing around Debenhams. I instantly fell for their eyeshadow palettes with their unique packaging and cute little dome-shaped shadows. I just had to get my hands on one - The Delectables Delicious shades of nude to be exact, (which by the way you can read my full review on here).
I don't actually hear much about Laura Geller products which is a shame, I love my palette for everyday use as the shades are so wearable. But, as always big brands can come with big prices and I'm just not about that life. I love finding affordable brands and cheaper alternatives, a.k.a dupes.
So when I saw this palette it took me back to the time I first saw the Laura Geller palette - I just had to have it. The shades instantly appealed to me and reminded me of the other Delectables palette too - Delicious shades of cool. It was definitely a dupe opportunity I couldn't miss!

So what is this palette I'm speaking of? It's the California baked eyeshadow palette from e.l.f cosmetics and is priced at just £12.50 - which is about a third of the price for some similar shades from Laura Geller. The palette includes 10 shades which are a mixture of cool and golden tones as well as having shimmer or pearlescent finishes.

Although the palette isn't an exact dupe visually, it definitely has some almost identical shades to some of those in both the Delicious Shades of Nude and Delicious Shades of Cool palettes combined. The formula isn't quite the same either, I'm not going to lie. The e.l.f baked shadows are quite hard to work with - I also found this with their baked highlighter. I'm not sure if this is an issue with e.l.f powders or baked products in themselves as they're really hard to get pigment from. Saying this, I know some people aren't fans of Laura Geller shadows as they aren't the most pigmented, but I personally find them really nice and natural for everyday wear. You can make colours more intense by using a damp brush as you do with most shadows anyway.
With the e.l.f shadows however, I found using a damp brush still wasn't enough, and had to actually wet the brush to get some proper swatches. This isn't ideal, but they do make effective metallic-looking shades this way. I think over time, the shades will wear in and become more pigmented as that's what happened with the baked highlighter.

Top row swatches

Bottom row swatches

As you can see, they are really beautiful shades but I did have to really pack them on for these swatches. They don't actually come off this opaque unless you use a wet brush, but for the sake of the photo I wanted to show each colour off properly. On the eyelids however, I find that you can use your finger to pack the colour on and press onto the lid - that works well at least.
If you're into baked eyeshadows and/or really subtle shades then this is a palette for you. The shades are so wearable and shimmery, even if they are a pain to get on with a brush! If you're thinking of investing in a Laura Geller eyeshadow palette then I'd also suggest having a go of this first to get a feel for using baked shadows as they aren't as pigmented as regular shadows.

Have you tried this palette?

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