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Bloggers who deserve a bigger following

With so many creative accounts out there it's hard to find something fresh and new to follow. Many girls that I've come to know through blogging don't have half as much recognition for their blog than they should have, when they work so hard on their content. I'm hoping by sharing some of these accounts (which all have an Instagram following of under 2,000) I can not only give them some of the recognition they deserve but also hopefully give someone else at least 1 new account to follow.

Francisca | Blog / Instagram
Firstly is the lovely Portuguese babe Fran. I'd been following her Instagram account for a while until I was added to an Instagram pod with her, which made me love her photos and blog even more. I just love her bright and dreamy photos, amazing camera skills and her minimalistic theme, although she has been using pops of bright colours lately which I'm loving! Expect lots of beautiful makeup, rose gold packaging and easy-reading blog posts from this girl.

Lucy |  Blog / Instagram
Lucy's photos never fail to impress me. They're always refreshing to look at, with bright and airy backgrounds. She creates really great and relatable content over on her blog - I think we have similar tastes in makeup and skincare so I'm drawn to all of her posts. I've recently joined a pod with her and found out she's a really lovely girl too! She definitely deserves way, way more followers than she has.

Beth | Blog / Instagram
If it's cute, girly photos you're after then Beth's is the account you need. Her content is so down to earth and features an array of lovely products across all kinds of budgets. Not only that, but over on her blog she covers more chatty topics and discusses things such as motivation and inspiration which is really refreshing. You can just tell Beth is a real girls'girl who loves her makeup!

Ash | Blog / Instagram
I've only been following Ash's account for a couple of months now but there's no denying in what an amazingly pretty feed she has. Her photos are so elegant and girly, with such simple yet dreamy styling. Not only are her photos skills enviable but she also has the makeup collection of dreams, so expect plenty of rose gold, pretty palettes and lots of pink! She's just started posting on her blog regularly again so show her some love.

Rebecca | Blog / Instagram
I've been following and speaking to Bex for a few months now. I've watched her account evolve over time and she is now killing it with her pretty flatlays full of beauty products, flowers and fashion pieces. Bex is a fellow iPhone camera user which I admire, I love seeing how people use them and the amazing outcomes they can achieve. I've also seen her following grow really quickly and she's done a great job so far!

Caroline | Blog / Instagram
I love Caroline's simple and elegant styling within her photos. She doesn't have too much going on but in a really delicate and girly kind of way. She also covers a range of budgets and keeps things realistic and relatable. I don't understand how she hasn't got a much bigger following than she has with those dreamy photos!

Katie | Blog / Instagram
Another girl I was introduced to through a pod was the lovely Katie. I'd been following her Instagram account for a while prior so it's been really nice getting to know each other (maybe a bit too much) through our love (and sometimes hate) of blogging. Her photos are very much recognisable, with plenty of pink and purple hues and an enviable collection of products. She also incorporates her life experiences into her blog which I like. I feel like Katie has now become a good friend of mine and I'm glad Blogging brought us together!

Megan | Blog / Instagram
Last but not least is yet another girly feed of dreams. Megan's account features all of my favourite things from beauty to baking and I love every single thing she posts. Her photos are always so crisp and clear, with plenty of colour too. She features many lifestyle posts over on her blog and is also a junior graphic designer for Boohoo which is pretty cool!

Do you follow any of these accounts?

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