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Kathleen Lights Dream St. Eyeshadow Palette | Review

I'm so excited to have finally got round to talking in depth about this palette! I've been using it a few times a week for the past couple of months now, to make sure I had enough time to get some genuine thoughts and opinions on it. It gives me major heart-eyed emoji's everytime I open it and I couldn't wait to take some photos and share it.

As I'm sure you're fully aware by now, this is the Kathleen Lights x Colourpop eyeshadow palette; Dream St. The collab also included a liquid lip trio which I didn't actually pick up - this palette just stood out to me way more. This isn't Kathleen's first collaboration with Colourpop, and although it is the first one I've tried from her (as well as Colourpop altogether), I feel like this one has been much more talked about already.

The overall theme of the palette is rose gold with a few added pops of colour. The shades as a whole look so beautiful together, I love the selection of colours - it's definitely a unique palette. It's packaged together in the most blogger-friendly marble and rose gold palette, with dreamy metallic stars and moons scattered around.
It's made up of 6 matte shades, 5 glitter/foiled and 1 satin. Before I say anything about the formula I just want to mention that I've only tried one other eyeshadow palette from Colourpop (a non collab), I Think I Love You, so my comparisons can only be based on that.

I was really suprised trying Colourpop shadows for the first time - they are so pigmented, buttery and soft, and the same can be said for this palette. The shades actually come off as you see them in the pan, and don't require much product. You can definitely see Kathleen in this as they are totally the shades she would wear. There's a very warm, sun-kissed and glowy vibe to it.

Even though it's a very diverse combination of colours, I find myself reaching for the same sort of looks with this for everyday wear; the first two shades through the crease and one of the top two rose gold shades on the lid. When applied with a damp brush or your finger, these foiled shades look so beautiful and metallic, and catch the light so nicely, so it's quite hard to not use these shades everytime!

I feel like the overall colour scheme was created with more medium skin tones in mind like Kathleen's herself due to its warm, bronzey shades. For me being super fair, the top row is the most wearable (and I'm a bit scared of the bold greens) so it limits me slightly. This is not to say I don't love the palette or the shades at all, because I really do! It's probably one of the prettiest eyeshadow palettes in my collection.

I have however experienced quite a bit of fallout with this palette, which doesn't bother me regarding the shades, it just makes the palette itself messy - it definitely doesn't look like these photos anymore! I find the more pigmented shades to have more fallout which is expected with such rich colours anyway.

The palette does allow you to experiment with colour and creativity, which is something I need to do more. I reckon it'd be a really good option to take on holiday with you (despite having no mirror) for dabbling in rose gold day time looks, as well as having the option for more bold, glam evening looks. I don't know why but the shades give me middle eastern vibes - I think it's the red.

Swatches from top to bottom:

Shooting Star
A medium brown matte shade perfect as a transition shade through the crease.

A light, orange matte shade which blends shades together nicely.

Star Dust
A beautiful copper foiled shade.

A slightly more pink/rose gold version of the previous shade.

Sweet Dreams
A light, golden foiled shade, perfect for highlighting warmer skin tones or on the inner corners.

Water Bearer
A deep, matte teal shade which is super pigmented.

A deep, warm orange which is really good for deepening the crease as well as halo eye looks.

A vibrant, pinkish red shade which is also super pigmented.

A pretty, light blue/green foiled shade which looks beautiful on the inner corners or centre of the lid.

A deep, slightly more cool toned matte brown which I find isn't as pigmented as the others.

A fair neutral shade and the only satin in the palette.

Mermaid Boy
A beautiful foiled teal green with brown undertones.

I do apologise that these swatches aren't great (I really dislike doing swatch photos) and don't show the foiled shades too well. I can guarantee that they all look much prettier in the light.
As you can see overall though, the shades are high in quality and pigmentation and include a variety of neutral and deeper tones to work with. Priced at just $16 (around £12 + shipping costs) I'd say this is pretty amazing, and Kathleen did so well creating it.

What are your thoughts on this palette?

Cally x

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