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Everyday Nude Lips | Swatches

Nude lips are definitely my thing. There's something so satisfying about finding that right shade and perfecting the look you're after. My favourites have to be the dusky and muted shades, the ones that are versatile and wearable with any look - you can never have too many. Afterall, no shade is the same right? These are my current everyday favourites for daytime wear that are not only beautiful shades, but really comfortable on the lips too.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in shade 'Boho Nude' | £6.49
This is a deep, brown-toned nude shade which I absolutely love wearing. It has a creamy, elegant finish and is also very versatile for either day or evening wear. I find it pairs well with brown and cool-toned eyeshadows and gives the whole look a classy and glamorous finish.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in shade 'My Nude' | £6.49
In comparison, this is more on the pink side of nude which is perfect for paler skin tones. The formula has the same sleek, creamy consistency, which again looks effortless on. This is more of an easy, wearable shade that will compliment any simple daytime look.

The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid in shade 'Windsor Rose' | £6
This is always my go-to lip option for when I'm on the go, as I find applying lipsticks can be a little more time consuming. As a neutral brown-toned shade, I think it is suited to any skin tone as well as any look. The formula feels really natural and soft on the lips, which gradually sets into a long-lasting matte lip.

The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid in shade 'Crete Carnation' | £6
A slightly brighter option I go for is also from the Body Shop's liquid lipstick range. This has more of an orange/peach undertone but is still fairly neutral and wearable for everyday looks. The formula of these aren't drying whatsoever, hence why they're perfect for daytime wear.

Swatches from top to bottom;

Boho Nude
My Nude
Windsor Rose
Crete Carnation

Have you tried these?

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