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Rediscovering Old Favourites

The other week I had a little makeup clear out and realised that I'd been totally abandoning a few of my old favourites. From then on I've made it my pledge to re-use and re-love some of the older products in my collection. I've never actually found myself 'shopping my stash' so it's like trying brand new products all over again!

The first thing I've rediscovered is the Vichy Dermablend Foundation. I used to use this quite a bit but I've not used it in months. I think it's the colouring that always puts me off as I can only wear it on certain days depending on my skin tone (fake tan probs). I have it in the palest shade on offer, Porcelain, which is still too dark for me naturally. I re-tried it just a few days ago when my tan was fading and it actually sparked me to write this post. I had totally forgotten how good this was, from the coverage to the finish and it's lasting power. It covered absolutely everything I needed it to, blended really well and set to a matte finish. It ticks all the boxes I look for in a foundation (minus the shade range) so I definitely need to give this a bit more love.

Next are some older products from my Makeup Revolution collection. The Iconic 2 Palette was the first one I actually bought and although I wasn't totally amazed by the shades, the fact it was a Naked 2 dupe got me. I used it a couple of times last weekend and I loved how it looked on, the purple shimmer shades especially. They are surprisingly pigmented, more so than I remember and it makes it even better that it's a fraction of the price of a high end one. I've also got a few of the I Heart Makeup blushes that have barely been touched but the Queen of Hearts has always been my favourite in terms of colours. I really like baked blushes and this one is actually triple baked! Not entirely sure what difference that makes to the formula but they are really soft and natural-looking. I like how you can use each shade individually or mix a couple together.

Lastly, I've mentioned the NYX Brow Pomade a few times lately and I've not actually used it in months. I've been meaning to re-purchase for a while and I finally have! I love the creamy formula and how you can really carve out and sharpen the brows with it. It really clings on too and won't wear off throughout the day, which is great for long or humid days.

Have you discovered any old favourites lately?

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