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Laura Geller The Delectables Eyeshadow Palette in 'Delicious Shades of Nude' | Review & Swatches

What a mouthful that was. So the past couple of months I've been using this eyeshadow palette and you may have seen it appear it several photos, but I've never spoken too in depth about it. I'm just going to put it out there that I absolutely love it and use it very regularly, so this review is definitely a fully positive one!

There are 14 beautiful shades in this palette, 4 of which are matte and the rest a silky satin. The colours are fairly neutral, with a nice mix of cool and warm tones but generally have a nude, deep earthy theme running throughout them. There's definitely a shade for every occasion in here from everyday/natural to something a bit more bold and dramatic. Each shade has its own individual colour as well as personalised name, which in my opinion is what makes it much more appealing.

When I first started using these eyeshadows my first thoughts were that they weren't very pigmented. As I went on to use them more frequently I began to realise that as it's a 'nude' palette, they are meant to come off really natural, which I now see is one of its charms. I love how soft they come off on the skin, which is perfect for everyday wear but they can also be much bolder when applied with a damp brush.

This is packaged in a really light weight, card palette which includes a large mirror and brush inside. I personally don't use the brush but I never really do when they're included with a palette. There is no clasp or magnet at all with this which doesn't really affect me, but I know some people prefer a palette to be able to clip shut. Each dome-shaped shadow is individually placed with their names directly below. I really like the design of this, especially the way each shadow is shaped and framed individually.

This eyeshadow palette is definitely a winner for me with its soft and subtle shades, it's perfect for those glamorous everyday looks. Priced at £35 it's not the cheapest nor the most expensive on the market but definitely offers something a bit more unique visually than your everyday palette.

Top row swatches;

A fair satin shade perfect for highlighting

A light nude satin shade

A cool-toned matte brown perfect for the crease

A cool-toned purple satin shade

An earthy green-brown

A khaki green with a gold shimmer

A deep green with flecks of red shimmer

Bottom row swatches;

A fair matte shade with yellow undertones

A cool-toned medium brown perfect for a transition shade

A warm-toned golden satin shade

A terracotta-orange satin shade

A warm golden-orange

Brown sugar
A warm, brown satin shade

A deep, cool-toned matte brown with red undertones

These were swatched with a slightly damp brush to show a more pigmented version.
Have you ever tried this palette?

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