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My NYX Collection | Update

As this blog post idea came to mind, I realised that I had already done a NYX collection post some time ago, so this is my up-to-date, and very much expanded version. (Read the first one here).
I first began to use and love NYX products a little over a year ago now, and it's very much still one of my favourite and most loved brands. I usually use at least one of their products every day and am always wanting more and more in my collection.

So obviously the first products I tried and loved were the Soft Matte Lip Creams. I have shades Stockholm, Cannes, San Paulo and Budapest. I definitely prefer the nude and muted shades more just because I don't feel I can pull off bold lips that well. They still all have the same creamy formula and set quickly to a perfectly soft, yet matte lip. They're so handy for on the go and are still very popular even now, so if you haven't tried one yet, where have you been?!

One thing I've constantly used and repurchased since first trying is the Matte Setting Spray. I've also tried the dewy version and they're both just as good as each other, I just prefer a matte base. The spray itself is so fine, it lightly coats your face without soaking and takes just a few seconds to dry. I couldn't go without this product now, it's a staple product for me.

Another which I tried and instantly loved is the HD Concealer. The lightest shade (Porcelain) was the perfect match for me, I usually struggle with finding the right undertones with concealers. It's super brightening, provides good coverage and lasts all day too! The only downside to this is how small the tubes are, for an avid concealer user like myself this doesn't last long, hence why I don't buy it to use on a daily basis.

I've tried a few of the brow products from NYX and I think my favourite has to be the Micro Brow Pencil. This is a really good product and tool to create precise yet natural brows. I've repurchased this about 4 times now which says something for me! I've also used the Brow Pomade which is a creamy formula, good for a more bold look. I actually want to start using this again as it has really good holding power. Similarly, the Brow Gel has amazing holding power as it has a waterproof formula. I find this a little too thick for my liking though and it's actually all dried out in the tube now!

A product that didn't impress me was the Studio Finishing Powder, which I was really disappointed about. For me, this has a really weird texture that doesn't sit well on my face. I gave it a few tries but it made my face feel really tight as well as giving it a white mask. I spoke a little about it in my Dissapointing Products post here along with a Lip Lingerie which I've since sold.

Just recently I picked up 2 of the Lid Lingeries to try the formula. I love copper shades on my eyes and these stood out for me as the rest of the shades were quite bold and bright. The formula is light and creamy and suprisingly easy to blend. Once blended onto the lid, they take just a few seconds to dry and stay put all day long, even the swatches below were difficult to remove!

Next I really want to try the Ombre Blush or the Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette as I've not tried many powder products. Plus, how photogenic do they look?

Swatches from top to bottom;

Lid Lingerie in shade New Romance
Lid Lingerie in Sweet Cloud
Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm
Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes
Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo
Soft Matte Lip Cream in Budapest

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