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My thoughts on the Real Techniques Dual-Ended Expert Sponge

Incase you haven't already heard, Real Techniques have just recently launched 8 brand new beauty sponges which each have different designs and purposes. The sponges range from miniature complexion sponges to contour and sculpting wedges, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The purpose of the range is for you to find 'your edge' and to be able to accommodate different looks you may want.
I picked up the Dual-Ended Expert Sponge which is designed for medium-heavy application coverage which is what I generally go for. I use the Miracle Complexion Sponge daily and although it does a good job for me, I thought this might be even better.

So first of all I noticed how similar shaped it was to the original Miracle Complexion Sponge except slightly smaller and half pink. The orange side is meant for foundation application and the pink side for contour, highlight and/or blush. With the original I already use the flat side to apply my foundation and the pointed side for concealer and setting powder, so I didn't need to change my technique for this.

The sponge itself is really firm and dense, I wouldn't describe it as soft and bouncy like the original sponge which made me a bit hesitant to try it. It's meant to be used dry for some reason, but I had to dampen slightly as I was finding it too hard to work with. When wetting, it didn't expand or even seem to soak up any water at all which was strange but I just went along with it.

When it came to applying foundation, I don't feel like it gave  me the coverage I usually get using the same amount of product I usually would. It seemed as though it was soaking the majority of it in so therefore had to use more. The same can be said for applying concealer, I felt like because it wasn't damp it wasn't applying properly. My overall coverage wasn't the same as it usually would be using the same foundation and concealer anyway.

I didn't actually see any difference in shape compared to the original, so I'm still unsure as to why it's called a 'dual-ended expert sponge' when it's pretty much the same. It definitely didn't perform in the same way for me, I don't feel like this was good at applying liquid products, but it did work okay with powder.

Overall I wasn't impressed with the sponge, I found it hard to use and quite frankly a little pointless! Im also disappointed that I spent £9.99 on this at Boots! It's made me not want to try any others from the range now and just stick with my original which I know and love.

Have you tried this sponge ?

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