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Milani Rose Powder Blush | Review

Isn't this just the prettiest blush you've ever seen? This is the Milani Rose Powder Blush which has made a big entrance in the blogging world over the past few months. I've only just recently picked one up myself but I'm not gonna lie it was purely the packaging that sold it for me.

Correct me if I'm wrong but there are approximately 11 shades to choose from, varying from cool to warm toned pinks, peaches and browns. Some of the finishes are matte and others have a natural shimmer. There's also a few shades which are vegan but I'm not sure why it's just the select few. The shade range as a whole is impressive, all shades are lovely selections and there's a shade for everyone. The shade I have is '11 Blossomtime Rose' which is described as a 'peachy pink' on the Milani website but a 'pink-toned terracotta' on Beauty Bay. I would say it's more of a pink-terracotta shade as it's quite rich, but it does have a slight shimmer to it too.

As you can see in the photo, the brush picks up the product nicely and holds its colour well. On the skin, it adds a flush of colour along with a hint of shimmer which brightens up the complexion. I wouldn't necessarily describe this as a highly pigmented blush, as it has more of a soft and natural finish (which is what you want anyway).

The packaging of these blushes definitely has to be the main selling point. The perfectly carved rose is circled by a gold border which makes it even prettier to look at. Each blush is shaped exactly the same with a perfectly pristine finish. The lid is clear plastic which allows the design to be visible and has a clasp allowing it to be closed firmly shut. This is quite a large blush pan which to me makes it more of a statement product.

This is priced at $9 directly from the Milani website, which (as I type this) coverts to just £7.28. They're also available on the Beauty Bay website for £12 (recently increased from £11) which I'm guessing would be cheaper to get as there would be no shipping costs this way. Overall it's a relatively good price for a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing blush, although I'm not too keen on the particular shade I chose for my skin tone. There's definitely shades for all types of colouring but it's a little harder to choose when ordering online.

What do you think of the Rose powder blush?

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