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Get to know me! 10 Facts

Since having about a week off blogging to catch up with life and get some ideas and inspiration together, I realised I've never done a post specifically about me. This past week I've been starting my driving lessons and everything's eventually caught up with me trying to juggle regular blogging around work, so I've really not had much spare time. There's nothing better to write about when you don't have much inspiration than.. yourself! I already know everything about me so I thought I would share 10 facts with the people who don't.

1. I live in Manchester
I was born here and always have and most probably always will! I love coming home as much as I love leaving, it's a love hate relationship.

2. My favourite subject has always been art
I've always been into art and it's always been my highest achieving subject even way back in nursery - my paintings used to be up on the corridoors in primary school! I went on to get an A* at GCSE, and even studied it in college and uni.

3. I'm a uni drop out
Yep, education wasn't for me. I went to Manchester School of Art to study fine art and decided not to carry on at the beginning of my second year. I found it a little soul destroying and it turned way too psychological for my liking. Maybe I should of stuck it out though, but who knows.

4. I'm in a long term relationship
For coming up 4 years I've been with my lovely boyfriend now. He gets on my nerves and I get on his but it's all love and I/we wouldn't change a thing.

5. I started blogging through boredom
I decided to invest in a creative hobby when I realised I was wasting lots of spare time doing well, nothing. I'm so glad I started now as it keeps my creativity flowing since losing it after uni. I've got to interact with some lovely people in the blogging world and hopefully will get the chance with some brands in the future too.

6. I have 2 jobs
It's really not as hectic as it sounds, I split my time between both and it works for me (for now)! Saying that I'd love to be able to quit one and have more time for blogging.

7. I like to bake
I don't get much chance but when I get the kitchen to myself for a few hours I'll use it wisely. I like making brownies and cheesecakes and you will occasionally find one of my recipes on here!

8. I'm really particular
Is one way to put it. I like things to be how I like them and I will notice anything out of place. It is quite annoying even for me sometimes, I can't settle in a room unless it's tidy first. I've got a good eye for detail which can be both a blessing and a curse.

9. I'm allergic to cats
I never really liked or came into contact with many cats growing up, but eventually discovered my allergy aged 16 or so. My brother is also allergic but no one else in the family is, strange!

10. I dislike shopping
Don't get me wrong I love getting new things but I'm definitely more of an online shopper. Shopping really stresses me out and I can never find what I want so 90% of the time I buy my clothes, shoes and beauty products online, much easier.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about the person behind the blog! You can keep up to date with my posts here:

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