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Blogging advice, tips & post ideas

When I'm feeling a bit uninspired I like to remind myself of the reasons I enjoy blogging. I write and plan blog post ideas to make sure I'm constantly keeping active, but I also give myself motivation by reassuring myself not to get too caught up in everything. Blogging for me is a hobby and I don't see it as a competition or feel the need to be 'better' than anyone.
Experiencing 'Blogging Blues', feeling disconnected or that you aren't good enough at something you love doing is never a good feeling. I found myself writing some tips and advice to myself and I thought why not share it, since I know it's a struggle that almost every blogger will experience.

Don't feel the need to spend a fortune
Stay creative with what you have. Don't feel the need to go out and buy all the latest Nars products just so people will read your post, because that isn't nessecarily the case. Yes people will enjoy reading about a high end brand but most of the time, the majority of people reading won't even be able to afford it themselves. Stay relatable, create wishlists if you want to talk about products/brands/holidays/clothes that you can't afford. Don't feel down about not including luxury items in your blog posts if they are out of your price range. Keep to what you know and make it unique. Favourite drugstore brands, top ten under £10, drugstore nude lipsticks, new in from such a brand etc. Originality and creativity is free - as well as inspiring!

Be honest and be yourself
Some blog posts can feel as though you are repeating yourself. Make sure your opinions are genuine and honest, because that's what people want to read. Don't compare yourself to others, including your writing and photography abilities, popularity and followers. This may rub off on your posts that you aren't being genuine or yourself. Allow people to get to know you and your preferences a little better by creating posts around yourself (favourites, current routine, how I like to relax etc) as it can build up a persona of what kind of a person you are rather than just reviewing products in every post. If you feel like you are always praising products why not try a post on products you dislike or that didn't live up to the hype? Readers will appreciate your honesty.

Engage with readers
Interest readers by creating posts aimed at them (products you must try, foundation for oily skin, must visit places etc) that way it becomes a little more engaging and can help you interact with others. Leave your posts in a way which will make readers want to comment, want to interact about what they've just read and even ask you questions about it. Ending your post with a question is the easiest way to achieve this. The other obvious ways of interacting are replying to your comments and leaving them yourself on other blogs with genuine responses. Social media including Bloglovin', Twitter and Instagram are also great (and kind of compulsory) interactive platforms. 

How do you like to remind yourself why you love what you're doing? What motivates you most?