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5 Drugstore brands you need to try

Soap & Glory
Well known for their bath and body range, this brand also sports a high quality skincare and makeup range and is definitely one of the prettiest (packaging wise) across the drugstore. I actually really like Soap & Glory makeup, favourites being the Thick & Fast HD mascara and Supercat liner. Their 'One Heck Of A Blot' products are a highly talked about range too but I'm yet to try this to comment.
I'm a big fan of their skincare range and it's definitely worth a try if you are looking for something which feels like spa quality minus the hefty price tag - a post on this will be coming soon!

You may of seen my recent post on my NYX collection. It has over the past few months become a very popular and well known brand and is actually one of my favourite brands all together. Most famous for their lip products including Soft Matte Lip creams, Butter Gloss, Liquid Suede and most recently Lip Lingerie, they never fail to impress with their wide variety of top quality and low price products.
If you are yet to try the brand I would suggest you start off with the lip products, concealers and setting sprays (personal faves).

Makeup Revolution
This is also a growing brand with a high reputation for quality products and (very) low prices. They have quite a few 'dupes' across their range rivalling brands such as Urban Decay, Too Faced, Anastasia Beverley Hills and more.
If you haven't tried any products from Makeup Revolution yet where have you been?! You can easily find their range in Superdrug stores, it'll be in the section which everyone's crowding round. Try an Iconic, Flawless or their newest palette: Fortune Favours The Brave - you won't be disappointed!

This is one of my all time favourite drugstore brands. Their range is so professional and could even pass off as high end with the quality of the products. Most recently L'Oreal will be most associated with the Infallible matte primer and foundation, as well as True Match, but the lipstick range is also on the increase. One of my favourites to use is the Super Liner with its precise tip.
I also use their Casting Creme Gloss semi permanent hair dye which is amazing if you are just wanting to give your hair colour a boost in colour and shine. I love love love the conditioner that comes with it but unfortunately it's not sold separately!
I think the best products to try from L'Oreal are the basics - foundations, lipsticks, mascaras. 

This is a fairly new one for me - I never really used Rimmel products before I started blogging, but once I did I was relatively surprised. The most popular products at the moment seem to be the Perfect Match foundation, as well as Kate Moss range. My personal favourites are the Perfect Match concealer and Stay Matte pressed powder, but I do know the quality of the Kate Moss lipsticks are amazing.
I have also used their self tan range for quite some time now, the Sun Shimmer mousse in particular as its very quick drying and matte. They are one of few drugstore makeup brands that also promote a tanning range.

Do you like any of these brands? Which are you yet to try?