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Wishlist Part #1 | Low End

I'm calling this a 'low end' wishlist as not all of the products here are actually avaiable at the 'drugstore' ie Boots / Superdrug. I feel like this makes these brands seem low quality, but I'm not sure of the correct term or category to put them in to be honest!
Seeing all of these products put together I feel like they all look very fresh and light, which I guess is what I'm trying to go for this Spring / Summer. The main thing I'm trying to achieve is fresh glowing skin, nothing too matte but I also want to keep it minimal for the upcoming holiday Season.
A couple of these products I've already tried and tested, a couple are recent releases and the rest are products I've seen through bloggers who have recommended. I will link any relevant or related posts from other bloggers.

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner | £5
I don't really have a preferred hair brand or range, I tend to change it up everytime as I just don't see much difference between products. I do however rate the Aussie Haircare range, but bottles aren't exactly big and prices aren't really affordable (for me anyway). I've looked at this banana conditioner before and I've recently been drawn back to it. I just like the sound of it, and the thought of your hair smelling like bananas doesn't sound too terrible does it? This contains real banana purée and is meant to gently cleanse the hair leaving it shiny and glossy. I would only opt for the conditioner because of the price, but like I said, I don't really see much difference between shampoos on my hair.

After recently suffering from an outburst of blemishes I'm trying to figure out what has caused it, and so far all fingers are pointing to a creamy face wash I've been using from Neutrogena. I'm having to be quite careful with what products I use as my skins quite sensitive at the moment. I recently read on a skincare post from Jasmine Talks Beauty about an Aloe Vera product from The Body Shop and she said how calming it was on the skin. This sounds like exactly what I need right now, no added ingredients just all natural.

This is the face wash I was using before my current one. I find that other drugstore tea tree face scrubs just don't compare to this. They are mainly cream based and aren't that invigorating. With this one it feels more gel-like and you can really feel it waking up your skin, scrubbing away dead cells without being too vigorous. It has a really fragrant minty tea tree smell to it and I know this sounds so over used but, it really does leave your face feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 

I've been seeing this pop up every now and then on my Bloglovin' feed, most recently from Leanne at LPage Beauty on a post on Milani products. I'm all for light but high coverage foundations, and she claims it rivals some high end brands. It sounds just like my thing and possibly my new summer foundation. If I'm not wanting to wear a matte foundation my usual go to's are L'Oreal True match or recently Rimmel's Match Perfection (I'm trying my hardest to like this) but I find they aren't long wearing enough for me.

I already own one of these in the shade 602 and really love it. Not only does it come in this beautiful rose gold casing, of which you have to press the bottom for it to release the product, it's also really good quality and I love the shade range. Mine is quite a deep toned pink and I'd like a lighter fresher colour, possibly more peachy or coral toned.

Now my Soap & Glory Supercat liner seems to be coming to its end, I want to move on from the pen type liner onto something a little more plyable. I'm currently using the NYX Brow pomade which also comes in a similar pot, and the formula is really creamy, so I'm presuming it might be similar. I don't actually know what brush you would use for this as I've always used ones included/attached but I think it might be easier to apply with it being a soft formula.

I've actually never used colour correcting products. Something which I need to do as I do suffer from redness and uneven skin tone but I've just never been bothered, or felt like I wanted/needed to add more layers to my makeup base. This mainly appeals to me for the green shade but since I'm a newbie I might as well give all the other colours a go and have a play around. I love the NYX HD concealer so I'm not doubting this product's quality or capability what so ever.

I've wanted to get my hands on a couple of these for a while now and I'm not sure why I haven't as they aren't exactly expensive. They've been compared to the very popular Paint Pots by Mac, and provide a great base or can be used simply as a singular shade. This will probably be one to use for holidays, as they are quite creamy and shimmery (so I've heard).

A recent release from Barry M are these coconut water infused nail polishes, which provide extra nourishment and hydration to your nails. Since I love anything tropical or coconut related these do appeal to me. I've recently started using Barry M nail varnish so I'd like to try one from each range to see which formula I prefer and is more suitable for my nails. Hopefully these won't chip as easy on me as the Gelly Hi-Shine range does!

Have you tried any of these products? Would you recommend them?