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Soap & Glory skincare

Soap & Glory are a brand well known for and most associated with their bath and body products, however, as some of you may know they also sport a high quality skincare range.
As tonight I'm having a quiet night in consisting of my favourite pamper products, I thought I would share my thoughts on some of the range I've been trying and testing recently.

Scrub your nose in it facial scrub | £9

This deep pore cleansing scrub is formulated especially for oily/combination skin, focusing on un clogging dead skin cells, refining pores as well as soaking up excess oils. This is for use specifically around the nose and t-zone area, where large pores are more common and skin generally becomes a little more clogged up. Personally this is the case for me and I was keen to give it a try.
The scrub has a thick cream like consistency which is filled with tiny microbeads. It is suggested to gently scrub the skin then leave on for 2 minutes - kind of like a quick-targeting face mask. You can really feel it getting to work doing this and your skin feeling purified by the second. I would say I've definitely noticed a difference in my usually large pores, as I've been using this around 4 times a week for 2/3 weeks now. I would definitely recommend for anyone with large or visible pores, as well as a particularly oily t-zone.

This daily face polish contains antioxidant-rich peach & gojuice extract and claims to be 'super smoothing' helping to soften and refine the skin. It's main purposes are to soften, brighten and purify skin, improving the skins complexion.
I really enjoyed using this face scrub and I didn't use anything else until it was completely empty. The scent in particular was really peachy and fresh, and not off putting like some skin specialist scrubs/washes. It left my skin super smooth and smelling fruity. This is a really nice daily face scrub and I think would work particularly well on dry skin.

This 5-in-1 micellar water acts as a cleanser, makeup remover, cleanser, toner as well as smoothing and moisturising the skin. Including ingredients such as Vitamin A, C, cucumber water juice, aloe Vera leaf juice and more, it claims to gently soothe the skin and is even suitable to use for eye makeup removal. It is also oil-free and non-drying so is suitable for all skin types!
I'm absolutely loving this as a makeup remover! It really is gentle and soothing just as it claims, and I can use it to remove face and eye makeup with ease. It cleanses and calms my skin nicely, and I only need to use a few drops on a cotton pad at a time. I find when using this that my usual routine of cleansing and toning after makeup removal isn't needed as thoroughly, which is really handy for when you just can't be bothered with the full works! I really love this product and I'll definitely be re purchasing once I've rinsed the whole bottle.

This soothing and redness reducing gel is for direct use on breakouts, which also helps to combat oiliness. The 'extra strength' formula claims to begin working immediately, targeting irritation and soothing the affected area.
I only use this on any aggressive areas that appear on my skin and is my go-to emergency spot serum. It's a clear gel which is handy for discretion, and you really can feel it instantly calming and soothing the area. Over night it dries the area which reduces redness and oiliness - probably not good if you suffer from dry skin as it takes any moisture away. As I said it's a really good emergency 'help I've got a massive spot' overnight gel, as it is quite a strong formula.

How do you rate Soap & Glory for their skincare products?