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Spending Ban | How I'm doing it & why

So I've never really been one to totally splurge out and go mental when it comes to beauty products - or anything for that matter, I'm reasonably sensible. But recently I have been finding my wishlist under the notes section on my phone becoming increasingly bigger, and blog post drafts being made about products I don't even own yet.

So I'm trying to have a little bit of a reality check and realise that I'm getting a little caught up in the blogging world. I've decided that I'm not going to buy anymore beauty products (that I don't desperately need for everyday use) in the next couple of months, simply because I've decided to pluck up the courage and book a holiday which I need to save every penny for.
In case you're interested I'll (hopefully) be flying from Manchester to Phuket, Thailand on the 29th May until the 14th or 15th of June. I went to Thailand last June for 2 weeks and it was the most beautiful country, I just loved it. Ever since I got back I've been planning the next trip. Literally at least once a week I look at flights/hotels, you think I'd be bored of it.

So back to the spending ban, which I'm 100% committed to and just as sure that I can do it easily if I put my mind to it. I'm due to get a couple of items which are running low and a few bits from the body shop, but after that, I'm not spending a penny on unessecary products. This is also going to be the case for clothes, food, nights out and general outgoings.
If you read my recent post on Blogging advice, tips & post ideas then you'll see a few ideas there on blogging with what you have available to you, rather than unessecary spending. This is exactly what I'll be doing during the coming weeks, so I'll have to get really creative and try not to mimic past posts. I enjoy doing posts on eye makeup looks and they are generally my most popular with readers in terms of page views, so this is great because I can work with the eye shadow and palettes I already have.

I'm going to limit myself to spend £40-50 on the weekend which means no nights out (not that I have many anyway) and no expensive meals out which I will struggle with most (packed lunches for work too!). This will basically just cover food cost for the week, which will also mean I can do more baking posts which is a plus!
I have a gym membership which is £35 per month, if you were on an extreme spending ban you would probably cancel this but as its my only hobby and pass time at the minute (minus blogging) then I'm sure £35 won't make much difference. To add to this I'm going to try and do a little more overtime at work and hopefully in a few weeks I'll be pleased with my saving results and proud of myself for sticking to it! I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Have you ever tried a spending ban? Do you have any tips or advice?