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55 blogpost ideas

As you may of read lately I am currently undertaking a 'spending ban' which means no 'new money' will be going into my posts.
I'm trying to stay creative without producing boring content, so I've wrote a (rather large) list of ideas for myself and anyone else out there struggling for new blog post ideas. I've sectioned into different categories just to make it a little more organised:

Drugstore favourites
High end favourites
Seasonal favourites
Foundation favourites
Eye/lip favourites
Skincare favourites
Haircare favourites
Monthly favourites 
Favourite blogs & bloggers

Beauty hacks
Beauty must haves
Must have tools & brushes
Beauty storage ideas
Home beauty treatments

Make up
Top 10 under £10/Top 15 under £15
Current makeup routine
Nude/bold lip edit
Liquid Liner edit
Drugstore/high end wish list
Disappointing products
Boots/one brand haul
Glowing skin edit
Matte makeup 
'No makeup' makeup 
Specific colour themed makeup (nude, pink, mauve)

Favourite stores/brands
OOTD (outfit of the day)
Daytime/evening look
Highstreet's must haves
Fashion wishlist
Shop haul
Jewellery post
Nail varnish post

Cake/cupcake recipes 
Brownie recipes
Breakfast ideas/recipes
Quick & easy meal ideas
How to make '...'
Smoothie recipes 
Cocktail recipes 

Bedroom/dressing table post
How I like to wind down
How I like to spend my days off
What inspires me
2016 goals
Travel wishlist
General chat post

Help & advice
Tips & tricks
How to increase your blog traffic
How to engage readers
How to get a blog domain
How to get your content out there
How I edit my pictures

What posts do you most like to read from these categories? Or a mixture of them all?