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Wishlist Part #2 | High End

This is the second part of my wishlist series - the high end.
(see low end wishlist hereThis was put together with my 'if money wasn't an object' head on.
Now this is definitely only a wish list as I certainly won't be purchasing any of these any time soon as I'm on a spending ban - see how & why here. A few of these products are fairly new, and I'd say probably all of them were influenced by seeing other bloggers posts and reviews on them. A few of which I genuinely want to try out, and the others well, just look amazing don't they.

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer | £17.50
I've never actually tried a high end concealer, apart from Benefits Boi-ing. I know that concealer can totally transform your look taking your simple base into a flawlessly highlighted complexion, and it's something I try to achieve on a daily basis. I'd love a more high quality night out concealer option as I'm currently using my Rimmel perfect match for both day and night, although I do like to use the NYX HD concealer for a fuller coverage. I've heard a lot about this Mac concealer and more so than I have their foundations, it's meant to be the concealer of all concealers.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette | £39
Now when I was writing this post I couldn't find it online anywhere in stock! The blogging world has gone crazy for this palette and I know it's sold old multiple times on different sites including Sephora, Debenhams, House of Fraser and Too Faced itself. Including lovely peach, coral and warm brown tones it's definitely a palette of the season. The quality and pigmentation of Too Faced eyeshadows is amazing and it's no wonder everyone wants their hands on one of their own.

This product was made popular since Kylie Jenner announced she used it to keep her skin clear. It dries out your spots along with any excess oil, fighting all your bad skin needs. A U.S brand I'd never heard of until this lotion, but it has really good reviews. I really really want (need) to try this as I'm finding my skin getting increasingly worse lately after a really hopeful few months around Christmas where I thought my acne was finally clearing. Nope.

There's been so many versions and ranges of the Viva Glam lipstick from celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Arianna Grande and more, but there's also a standard range complete with more neutral tones (the celebrity versions are quite bold). I love the quality of the Mac liners and think they would pair up really well with this lipstick, especially for a bold evening look.

Tarte probably produce the prettiest set of colours I've ever seen in a palette, they never do wrong. They range from really subtle, effortless shades as well as dark, elegant and glamorous. I particularly lust over the shimmer palettes as they are insanely perfect and look a dream.

Another highly rated skin care brand is Pixi, which is now avaiable at Marks and Spencers stores. I've mainly heard about this product through blogger Em Ford from My Pale Skin blog who publicly shared her experience with living and dealing with acne. This is one of the products she recently shared on a video that she uses, and believes it has helped (with the help of other products/treatments) calm her skin down drastically and helped to maintain it. Sounds like magic right? I need some.

This is a limited edition blush palette complete with all Benefits lovely blush shades and a bronzer. I do have the Rockateur blush so I know they are really good quality, but I just could not justify buying this for the ridiculous price! I'm not very experimental when it comes to blushes, I have around 4 or 5 varying from singular pink shades to multi tonal shimmer - but this is so pretty and would literally do all your bronzer and blush needs for months and months.

It was really hard to narrow this Rainforest of the Sea collection down to just the one product as it all looks so appealing. However, this water based foundation has appeared on my screen a fair few times recently and is receiving good reviews on its performance despite being water based. I would love more than anything to have lovely skin and only require a light base other wise I would try this. 10/10 for packaging on this whole range though, Tarte!

Zoeva Brushes | £8-20 (individually)
I'm a big fan of Zoeva eyeshadow palettes, and I'd really like to pair them up with their brushes to get the full effect. The range is very highly spoken of, and is probably most known for the beautiful rose gold brush collection sets. It's also now available at Selfridges stores as well as Beauty Bay which is so good! I need to get my hands on a couple of blending brushes as individually they aren't actually too pricey.

Do you have any of these products? What do you think?