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Controlling Oily Skin

Having oily skin can be a real pain, I don't think there's a single positive side to it. Plus, it's pretty unhygienic.
Unfortunately for all us oily skin sufferers, it wont just magically vanish but there are numerous ways in which you can keep it under control and prevent shine. These are a few things I've learnt over the past couple of years with my skin:

Chose products wisely
Look out for products that specifically contain the words 'matte' 'mattifying' 'long-lasting' '24 hour' 'shine control' 'oil free' 'non-greasy' or are specifically formulated for oily/combination skin

Use a face scrub
Using a face scrub daily - especially if it specifies in soaking up and removing excess oil - is the best way to prepare your skin and keep oil at bay. Using a standard or simple face wash may promote oil to produce on your skin throughout the day/night, just as over washing may - just stick to the once morning or evening!

Cleanse and Tone
An important step in your skincare regime - especially for oily skin. Try to avoid oil based products and stick to more natural ingredients that specify in deep cleansing and removing excess oil

Use a primer
Before makeup application use a matte primer. My favourite is the L'Oreal Infallible as its long lasting and mattifying. This is going to act as a barrier to help control oil from producing and mixing in with your makeup 

Use a matte foundation
Using a dewy foundation on oily skin will oxidise throughout the day and not last long, the best way to control it is by sticking with matte foundations. My favourites are L'Oreal Infalliable, Estée Lauder Double Wear and Revlon ColorStay (for oily/combination skin)

Try to stick to powders
Applying cream contour, blush and highlight may seem more appealing but this will only promote the oil in your skin to appear throughout the day. Try to use powder bronzer, blush and highlight as this will combat shine as well as blot the skin with any touch ups

Set your makeup
This is a must in your makeup routine. Setting your makeup will make your skin look and feel fresh, as well as keeping everything in place for longer - meaning minimal oil. It will also eliminate the 'powder look' your makeup may give you. My favourite is the NYX matte setting spray.

Use night treatment serums
If you find yourself waking up with excess oil around your t-zone, use targeted overnight treatments. My favourites for shine control are The Body Shop Tea Tree lotion and Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel night treatment gel

And a few last little good to know tips:
If you find oil producing through your make up throughout the day, take a very thin piece of tissue and lightly dab over area, then touch up with your powder
Regularly wash your makeup brushes / sponges / anything in contact with your skin as any oil that may be on your skin will transfer onto your brush - and you don't want to be rubbing last weeks oil on your face!
Also, make sure you are drinking enough water - increase your daily intake as this will refresh and hydrate your skin

Hopefully you found these tips helpful and may influence your decisions in the future when buying products for oily skin! Do you have any other tips, tricks or remedies that I haven't mentioned?