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April Beauty Favourites

Zoeva Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow palette | £28.50
I can't believe how much I love this palette, I use it almost everyday and just can't help but reach for it when I'm doing my makeup. The shade range is so lovely, perfect for everyday and very complimentary on my paler complexion - especially the pale pink and golden brown tones. I've absolutely loved using it this month and I reckon I will next month too. After trying Zoeva for the first time with this palette, I don't think there's any going back for me now. Move over Urban Decay and Too Faced!

I've reclaimed my love for this foundation - I had a small tester sample last year and I never got round to buying a full sized version until recently. I strictly only use it for evening wear as its quite full coverage, and I want it to last me as long as possible! The shade I have is 1N1 - I chose the shade online by looking through swatches and when it arrived it was a little more yellow than I expected. Saying that, it works really well when I have a tan, so it's a pretty good colour match for that. I love how light the consistency is, yet high quality coverage. It's also nice to have something a little more dewy than my regular everyday matte foundations.

This mascara was a slow grower on me, I simply bought because it was a new release and I needed a new mascara. My first impressions weren't great as I was disappointed with the thick brush and it not being able to reach every lash. As I started to use it more and I got used to the thickness I decided that I quite liked it. The colour is really dark and bold (as dark and bold as black can get) and I quite like how the handle has a grip to it for ease of opening. If I was to re purchase I'd definitely opt for a different version, one with a slimmer precision wand. 

I've used this absolutely everyday without fail since I got this, I can't even remember what I used to use before it. It's said to be a highstreet dupe for the Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow, and just as good quality. I never wanted to try any brow products as I presumed they'd all make my fair eyebrows overly dark and I'd look like a drag queen. I use the shade Chocolate in this and although quite dark looking you do have control over the deepness of colour you want. I find it works best using a damp angled brush, wiping any excess product off onto a wipe before applying to avoid patchiness. This product is now a must-have in my routine.

I had never used a setting spray before trying out the NYX dewy and matte ones, and it's now also a must have in my makeup routine. I particularly like the matte version over the dewy as it doesn't make your face feel damp, but still manages to seal everything in place. I use it to spray my Real Techniques complexion sponge before blending out foundation and concealer, as well as setting my whole face when I'm finished. It really does make a difference in regards to lasting power!

Since my nails always seem to chip the day after I paint them no matter what, I like to use this nail polish from Kiko as its a lovely subtle shimmery muted colour, meaning it's not as noticeable if and when I get any chipped bits. It's not too bold nor overly glittery like the usual deep reds I prefer to wear so I've been getting away with having chipped nails for days (first world problems) before having to re do them!

I'm taking it back to basics with this product. Who doesn't love a Sudocrem face mask? This specialist cream formulated for dry, sore, eczema and acne prone skin is an old school classic that always works. I've been using it lately before bed and waking up with reduced redness and smooth skin.

This recently featured in my Soap & Glory Skincare post and is one of my favourites from the range. I've been using it every evening this month to remove my makeup, it's so refreshing and really hydrates your skin at the same time as cleansing and toning. This is a good multiple purpose product rather than having to use 4 different products to remove makeup, cleanse, tone and moisturise. It's a great all rounder and highly recommended!

Another soap & glory product I've been using daily is this pore refining scrub. It revitalises your skin with a strong minty fragrance and really helps to purify the skin. I'm not sure I should be using it every day but I have been and I've definitely noticed a difference in my pores, as well as oil levels on my t-zone. I really enjoy using Soap & Glory products for my skin as they're names and packaging are really quirky and fun - which makes it a little less like a chore!

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