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Spring Beauty Edit

Happy April readers! I really need to freshen up my spring makeup so the other day I spent a good hour sorting through all of my things and individually picked out each of these products specifically for this spring edit. Some of which I already currently love and use, some which have been abandoned for a couple of months, and a couple of relatively new products that I've barely used.

Zoeva Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow palette | £28.50
I bought this palette around a month ago, and I'd say I've used it around 80% of the time. I just find myself reaching for it everyday without even any thought of any other palette. It's a really good spring palette with all the pink and brown satin shades, highly recommended if you are after a new palette.

Another palette I'm constantly using is this. The colours are just right for my complexion and perfect for a quick flush of colour and highlight if you are after something easy and simple.

Loreal Bronzer | £10.29
This is my favourite drugstore bronzer. Despite being a pretty similar colour to the Makeup Revolution bronzer shade, it gives so much more depth and definition. I think this is my third one, it looks pretty new as I abandoned it for a couple of months over January and Febraury but now it's BACK and I'm ready to ditch the old pale me. This exact bronzer never seems to be online but is actually available in stores, so I've linked to a duo powder.

Another product I've abandoned for a while is this beautiful multicoloured shimmer blush/bronzer. I've actually been using it for the past couple of months just for the mirror to do my eye makeup in and totally ignoring the glistening product inside. This gives a really subtle and neutral shimmer when applied and looks great over the top of blusher or just as a blush itself.

Kiko Colour Veil Blush in 01 | £7.90
I love the smell of this blush, it smells really sweet and chocolatey! It's a very fair pink colour probably more suitable for paler complexions, and is so soft and silky. I mainly use this on the weekends when I want a natural flush of colour. I'm not sure if this was a limited edition blush as I got it a few months ago now and can't for the life of me find it on the Kiko website so I couldn't link it, I'm not sure where else stocks Kiko products in the uk!

NYX soft matte lip cream in Cannes | £5.50
If you read my posts regularly you may of seen this product come up a few times, I really do love it! Although I've been sticking to the shade 'Stockholm' and ignoring all the other bolder, brighter colours. I need to experiment with this as I'm not a huge fan of lip products that aren't nude or a muted/neutral pink, but it's spring now and I can't live in the same colours all year round.

This is another lip product which is needs experimenting with as it's a girly pink colour with a slight shimmer to it. I rarely wear shimmery or glittery lip products (matte lover) but it's too pretty to waste.

Rita Ora by Rimmel Nail Varnish in Sweet Retreat | £2.99
I am pushing the boat out and trying this bright pink nail varnish. I usually only wear deep toned colours as I just don't seem to like pastel colours on my nails. I'm currently experimenting with different brands of nail varnish and introducing lighter colours into my collection.

Do you own any of these products? What do you think? Leave a comment!