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Battle of the Palettes

I've brought you 4 very popular and highly rated eye palettes from a range of brands and prices between £8-38 with varying styles from day to night time. I'll be discussing the quality of the shadows, shade range and value for money. I've been using these palettes on and off for a good few months now and I've got to say I love them all!

Makeup Revolution Flawless Ultra 32 Shades palette | £8
Makeup revolution has recently blown up in the beauty industry and seems to be talked about now more than ever in the blogging world. Loved for their versatile and wide collection of shades (as well as price tag) this is probably one of the cheapest palettes of 32 shades you're going to get. I'm a bit hesitant when it comes to prices that fall below the affordable band and are just down right cheap but they have had a lot of praise, so I had to see what the fuss was about!

As soon as I opened the palette and had a proper look at the colours I was actually like 'wow' as the colours are all beautiful! (Correct me if I'm wrong) It's made up of 8 matte shades, 8 shimmer/glitter shades and 16 satin finish. For me this is very versatile in creating looks ranging from day to night, nude to smokey. The shade range is quite varied, as there are a few red toned shades, as well as blue and green but nothing too bold. This is a good palette to use if you are just starting out in experimenting with different looks.

This brand definitely lived up to reviews of having amazing pigmentation. I wouldn't say that the colours are rich and creamy (comparing to more expensive palettes here) but they are certainly bright, bold and very shimmery. You can't argue with the price of it - each shadow being worth around just 25 pence. I particulaly love the satin shades the best as I feel they come off with more colour and less fall out than the matte and glitter shades. I would overall rate the pigmentation good, but excellent for value.

Too faced is a very popular high end brand for eye palettes. They have a versatile range of different and unique looks with very pretty and appealing packaging. This is a best selling palette and has actually won an award for the best palette to use on your wedding day!

Complete with 9 beautiful nude and neutral shades arranged in 3 different styles labelled 'day' 'classic' and 'fashion', this palette is very pleasing on the eye. The shades are all very glamorous, all brown, pink and gold shades are all rich and silky looking. Even with only 9 shades it's surprising how versatile it is, any look you create will look effortless but still very beautiful.

I absolutely love the quality of too faced eyeshadows, these are the only ones I've tried but they are super silky, rich in colour and just really really nice. You don't need to use an awful lot as it distributes out nicely and is pigmented enough to only have to use your brush once. Overall I love this palette, and I'll definitely be trying out more too faced shadows - they are so worth it honestly!

Urban Decay Smoky eye palette | £38
Urban Decay are very popular for their palettes Naked 1,2 & 3 but last year decided to go one step further when they launched this smokey eyeshadow palette. Including 9 never before seen shades and 3 from past palettes (I'm guessing the lighter shades) this claims to achieve the perfect smoky eye with rich colour, velvety texture and blend effortlessly. 

I've only used this I'd say less than 10 times for night out makeup and a few times for day, it's a proper 'go to' palette for evening looks which is really handy to have. You can create so many looks with this, although I've only really stuck to the blue/grey/black smoky look, but it also has a couple of lovely highlight shades one of which is matte and the other shimmery which I love. 

The eyeshadows are really pigmented, rich in colour and give so much depth even when used singularly. You can really build these up beautifully from a hint of colour to a full bold look. A bit on the pricey side but if you think about each shade costing a little over £3 then it doesn't seem too bad. If you regularly like to do bold evening makeup then this is one for you.

The colours in this are all to die for (a bit dramatic I know) but that's completely what sold it for me. The shades are mainly nude but all have their own different tint to them - brown, pink, purple red etc. There's also a black matte shade included as well as a couple of really light shimmery shades perfect for highlighting.

Zoeva shadows are actually enriched with Vitamin E and you can really tell when you feel it's silky texture. They glide on like a dream and look really high quality. The pigmentation is bold and luxurious, and looks really professional. These go on as they look - unlike some other palettes which come off less pigmented as they seem in the pan. This is definitely the best quality palette I have, and it isn't even the most expensive!

Which is your favourite brand or palette from these 4?