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Travel Bucket List

I don't really have a 'bucket list', more of a 'it'd be nice to go there one day' list which is mainly full of luxury places I'll probably never get to visit! I am however very keen on travelling as much and as often I can, while I'm still young and free and all that. I'm always looking at flights to random places trying to decide where to go next.
I really wanted to go to Thailand a couple of years ago and have since been twice which shows how passionate I can get about it! Ever since then I've gained a huge travel bug and try to go away at least twice a year. These are a few of my current cities/countries I'd 'like to go one day'

I actually just booked this last night for April. I'd been wanting to go for a couple of months now and couldn't miss out on the amazing price I bagged it for (£40 return!). I'm looking forward to seeing the unique city and travelling by water taxis and gondolas, although they are said to be really expensive. There's also an island called Lido where there's a beach which has a more relaxed, holiday feel which I'll be spending some time at too. Obviously can't wait to taste their food too!

I think this is one on everyone's bucket list. Known for its luxurious and picturesque settings most popular with honeymooners, it's one of Greeces must see islands. I'd love to see it's beauty for myself as it really does look amazing, with its vivid blue waters and iconic white buildings. I can't imagine that there's an awful lot to do here but get lost amongst the buildings and admire the views. Flights aren't exactly cheap to fly direct so the best option would be arriving by ferry from a nearby island or mainland Athens.

This is where I've been looking at going this year as I really love Asia's diverse food and cultures. Goa is a popular beach and tourist area on the west coast of India which is meant to have a really laid back atmosphere. The numerous beaches all look so relaxing and I can just picture myself enjoying it there, hopping from beach to beach on a scooter. I'd also enjoy visiting nearby waterfalls and temples, as well as sampling local dishes, to get a true taste of India. The best time to visit Asia is generally during our winter (November-February) as it's less humid so it will be good to experience it in a more bearable heat this time.

Sri Lanka & Maldives
Sri Lanka kind of stems from my desire to visit India as it's an island right at the bottom of it. I do much prefer island life to the hustle and bustle of busy cities so this would be like having a little slice of India whilst in another country. I would try to do a little tour around the island seeing and experienceing as much as I could. The good thing about being here too is that there are direct flights from the capital (Colombo) to the main island of the Maldives (Male) which would be amazing to visit. This is probably me dreaming a bit too much but maybe one day for a honeymoon trip!

Indonesia/Bali & Gili Islands
Another place which is very popular is the island Bali, which is set in central Indonesia and not too far from north western Australia actually. It's well known for its nature and wildlife but also attracts many tourists purely for the beaches and nightlife. You can stay here for ridiculously cheap and don't require a visa to enter, and can easily get to the nearby islands such as Gili islands which are meant to be even better. I do love a bit of luxury and when it comes at a very affordable price like it does in Indonesia, you can't go wrong!

Tokyo is somewhere I really want to experience due to its bustling atmosphere (particularly at night time for the iconic neon signs). I would love to visit Japan but like I said I'm not too keen on busy city life so this one is a bit hit and miss. They do however inhabit some surprisingly lovely islands and beaches which look really calm and peaceful. The popular cherry blossoms in the spring would also be a good thing to see. This is probably the most expensive to fly to out of my list but I don't think there is a visa charge here either which always helps to lower the overall cost.

I've always found Africa interesting and despite its many health hazards and poverty I think it'd be a really good experience. If I got the chance I would definitely have to go to Nairobi and go on a safari trip at the national park, that would be incredible. South Africa is a popular choice for holiday makers too. I imagine it would be absolutely boiling in Africa though so I'm not sure I would even cope!

What's on your travel bucket list? Have you been to any of these places?

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