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Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set | Review

It's no secret that Zoeva's makeup brush sets are not only amazingly glamorous but high quality too, which is how the brand has got to become so popular. After being envious of everyone who was lucky enough to try them, I now finally have a set of my own to see how good they really are, and couldn't wait to share my thoughts.
This is the Rose Golden Brush Set from Zoeva which is made up of 8 luxury and limited edition brushes. With a selection of face and eye blenders and buffers, the set is also complete with a matching clutch bag, which is very stylish.
Going to be honest I've only actually used 6/8 of the brushes as there are a couple I just simply don't require as I prefer to apply foundation with a sponge.

The set contains (from left to right in photo):

Wing liner brush
I was actually suprised at how good this was, the tip is perfectly straight and as sharp as it needs to be. I've used this to create a smoked out winged liner and it works a treat. It would work well with liquid and gel liners too.

Petit crease brush
This is a small, tapered brush for those more intense eyeshadow looks, getting right in to the crease, defining and shaping the eyes. It's narrow tip makes it easier to work with for detailing. I also find it works well for the lower lash line.

Soft definer brush
This is probably my favourite from the set. A flat, fluffy blender brush absolutely perfect for blending edges out making everything seemless. It's really good quality and I now use it every day! Works very well on smokey eye looks as well as natural.

Concealer buffer brush
This is a super soft, rounded concealer brush which helps to apply and distribute the product evenly. I personally prefer to use a beauty sponge to blend out concealer but it's definitely good for precisely applying to the face before I do so.

Face shape brush
This is one of the brushes I haven't used as I prefer applying foundation with a sponge. It is super soft though and I imagine it would be good for those who do prefer to apply liquid products with a brush. It's quite a precise one which is rounded, perfect for contouring.

Silk finish brush
Another one which I haven't used is this larger version of the previous brush. Also rounded, this is designed to perfect your base with a silky finish. It can also be used for powder products.

Luxe sheer cheek brush
I use this as a bronzer brush, but it can be used as a blusher brush too. With its angled bristles it's perfect for getting into the cheekbones and it's also really soft so applies effortlessly with minimal blending.

Powder brush
This is a large and dense powder brush which helps to hold more product and cover more area. I also use this brush daily to lightly dust my face through the day when I need a touch up. A really lovely, fluffy staple piece!

Overall, the set for me is a winner. There are a few brushes that stand out more than others but Zoeva have nailed their brush picks in this set. I think it works as a good essentials or starter collection as it has a staple piece for each purpose. For me, I don't feel like it's missing anything major as it includes all the basics.
The quality of the brushes is of a very high standard, besides their amazing rose gold design the mix of natural and synthetic hair is also super soft and very easy to work with. I always find it strange going from one brush set to another as you're used to a certain feel of a brush but switching to these has been a dream. They are a treat to photograph and the glamorous clutch bag they came in is equally as photogenic and  useful for travelling. They make perfect props and look so elegant amongst my makeup drawers.
Although I don't use all of them daily, I do use the majority of them and I now know where I'll be going should I ever need any more good quality brushes.

What do you think of Zoeva makeup brushes?