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10 Prop Ideas for Bloggers

Do you ever get them days when your mind goes blank when it comes to taking blog photos? I know I do, so Ive compiled a list of 10 props and accessories that will help to spruce up your photos..

Whether they be fake or real, flowers are always a good background prop. I use a jar of artificial flowers from Wilko, but you can get loads of individual ones from Ikea to mix things up a bit, as well as cute and colourful jars to put them in.

The same applies for plants, real or fake both make asthetically pleasing props. Again, Ikea has a lot of artificial plants to choose from, from cacti to shrubs. I feel like photos with plants in always look more stylish.

I always use candles in the background for my pictures. The good thing with these is that you can use a few different varieties together from jar to tealight and have them lit for a bit more effect. If you have some fancy Jo Malone candles, they are very photogenic too.

Makeup Brushes
A popular prop to use is makeup brushes, together in a jar/container or individually placed for something a bit more close up. The Zoeva brushes are popular to use for their pretty rose gold  appearance but you can also find cheap ones on eBay if they're just to use as props.

From fluffy throws to silk sheets, mix up materials as your props for something a bit more chic. Patterns keep the eye busy but faux fur makes everything look that bit more luxurious and snuggly.

Nail Polish
I'm talking glittery nail polish in particular, or the ones with cute packaging - Essie I'm looking at you. Add a couple of sparkly ones in the background of your frame to add a touch of glamour.

I don't use books as props but I know a lot of bloggers do. Fashion books and magazines are a popular choice. Stack some up to give some height and depth to your photos.

Sparkly and dainty jewellery is always handy to use for photos, I sometimes like to add some gem stone earrings to mine. Scattering some pieces about looks less 'staged', especially for a flatlay photo.

Clips are another popular one I see a lot. Gold and rose gold ones are available from many shops now such as H&M, River Island and Accessorize etc. I've got 2 large ones I occasionally throw in the background of mine.

If you are after a minimalistic photo, just put your things in a cute stylish dish and it will instantly become 10 times better. I've started using a flat copper dish for my photos and think it helps the photo to look more professional. There are lots of stylish rose gold bits available at H&M also.

What are your favourite props to use?