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Mario Badescu Skincare

I've really gotten into Mario Badescu skincare lately, my mini collection has slowly been growing and I've managed to get a good taster of a variety of products now. I first heard of the brand around a year ago, mainly through blogging with the main product spoken about being the drying lotion, which was made popular by Kylie Jenner claiming that she used it. I'm on my second bottle of this now but the rest are newer additions to my collection.

Seaweed Cleansing Soap | £12
I recently spoke about this in my Current Skincare Favourites post, I use it regularly along with my Clinique Sonic System cleansing brush after removing my makeup. The Seaweed collection is aimed at combination skin, cleansing any oily areas and nourishing the dry. I do find it a nice balance as it has a creamy formula with seaweed pieces in, so it's neither drying nor oily. It has a calming effect and makes my skin super smooth and fresh feeling afterwards. It's my current favourite cleanser to use out of quite a few I have at the minute.

Seaweed Cleansing Lotion | £13
To be used after the cleanser is the toner, and again this is for tackling combination skin that has multiple concerns. It's got a refreshing scent to it, which makes your skin feel puryfied after the cleanse. It's not oily and doesn't leave your skin tacky or sting like some toners may. It also contains witch hazel which is a natural skin clarifier. I'm really liking skincare that contains seaweed at the minute, it seems to work well for me.

Buffering Lotion | £16.50
I'd read good reviews on this on the BeautyBay website about treating blemish prone skin, so was intruiged to try it. It's a liquid that you need to shake before use to activate the ingredients and apply sparingly to affected areas. On the bottle it suggests 1-2 drops and to dab in with your finger. This is formulated to target under the surface, cystic spots before they appear as the lotion is quick to absorb into the skin. If I feel a spot coming on I will put this on it and it works a treat without drying my skin out.

Drying Lotion | £14
For months this product has been my go-to when a lovely big spot makes an appearance on my face as it works quickly and effectively. To apply you need to dip a cotton bud into the pink formula (without shaking the bottle) as this is the main part that's going to target the spot. Its best to use as an overnight treatment as it really dries and hardens. It's not suggested for use on dry or broken skin as it is pretty drying, I would suggest using a highly nourishing moisturiser in the morning after using this.

Drying Cream £14
This is my favourite product I've tried from the brand so far. It works in a similar way to the drying lotion, targeting above surface spots but is a little less harsh. It's got a thick and creamy consistency which makes it easy to blend into affected areas. It's not extremely drying but it does harden on the skin so only a small amount is required. This helps to clear up my skin overnight, reducing any lumps and bumps.

The brand produce a lot of varying products ranging from cleansers to scrubs and lotions to masks. It's got a really strong range of products designed for different problem areas so there's something to cater for everyone. The products are fairly priced, but totally worth it. It's fast become one of my favorite and most trustworthy brands as I know the products are going to be good quality and work for me.

Have you tried anything from Mario Badescu?

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