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5 Reasons to visit Thailand

Going to Thailand for the first time can be a huge culture shock. Religions, food, and the general day to day lifestyle are all totally different, intriguing and somewhat questionable. Mainly attracting young travellers as well as honeymooners, here are 5 reasons why you should visit Thailand for yourself..

1. It's cheap. Like, really cheap. If you're on a budget that is, it's the perfect place to live off less than £30 a day and that's including accommodation. It also accommodates for mid range budgets too, offering a stay in a 4 star hotel including breakfast for as little as £15 per person. Street food is inexpensive and easy to find, and night markets can be found in the evenings so no restaurant meals are necessary, unless you want to treat yourself. Simple and local Thai dishes such as Pad Thai can be found for as little as 80p! Travel is also affordable meaning you can get around on a tuk-tuk (kind of a taxi but much cheaper) for just a few quid, or hire your own bike for £4 a day. Ferries from island to island will cost you around £8 one way, and internal flights can be available for as little as £15.

2. It's breathtaking scenery. I'm sure many people have heard about or seen photos of the amazing sights in Thailand. The crisp clear seas, long white beaches and view points that leave you mesmerised. Once you're out of the busy cities and towns, you will find the most picturesque of sights and can travel to the more remote, untouched places by boat. As there are many different and unique islands to visit, you won't be short on choice on what to see and do next. Be sure to find a beach with the perfect positioning to watch the sunset on as there's nothing quite like it. Take your time to take it all in (and a few pictures for the memories of course).

3. Activities. If it's a fun-filled adventure holiday you're after then you're in luck. Activities are available just about anywhere at local stalls, from jungle trekking to quad biking and kayaking. If you're after something a bit more chilled out, you can visit elephant sanctuaries and zoos to see some fascinating wildlife. Thai cooking classes are available which are really interesting and fun, where you can learn how to make traditional Thai curries and desserts. Prices are dependant on if you're wanting a full or half day trip. You can also find plenty of water activities at most beaches such as paragliding and jet skiing.

4. It's friendly locals. There won't be many moments when you feel out of place or the odd one out (well not once you're out of Bangkok anyway). It truly feels like a home away from home with the friendly and welcoming locals, not to mention the many tourists and travellers that you will come across on your travels. Plus, they love asking you where you're from as they find you fascinating (and tell you how beautiful you are). It may seem like a big scary country with a foreign language and a totally different culture, but the relaxed lifestyle will instantly put you at ease.

5. Thai massages. A thing of the norm here is to have massage parlours just about anywhere and everywhere, offering a variety of treatments from a simple half hour foot massage to a 1-2 hour long full body traditional Thai massage. Prices vary from around £4-£20 dependant on time. It's something you have to experience, especially after a long day of travelling it can be just what you need, plus - the shops are always air conditioned to make sure it's totally relaxing for you. I personally recommend a full body massage just before your long flight home.

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