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Beauty and Travel | Tips on hand luggage

I've got a trip to Barcelona coming up and I always feel a little worried about being able to fit all my beauty products in my hand luggage. Usually I would just throw everything I need in my checked baggage but sometimes it's best to travel smart and light, especially for short city breaks. Here's a few of my  tips on how to limit your beauty products while still being able to take everything you need..

Travel size containers

These 100ml travel screw cap bottles and stacking pots from Boots are really handy. You can fill the bottles with shampoo and conditioner but I also use one for makeup remover as that's a nessisity for me. In the small stack pots you can fill with moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer etc to save on bringing separate tubes for each.

Keep hold of miniatures

I always keep this empty Makeup Forever setting spray bottle for travelling and I will just unscrew and transfer my current setting spray into it. Keep hold of miniatures and empty bottles under 100ml like this as they will come in use for hand luggage. The same applies for miniature mascaras, moisturisers, hair products, or any freebies you might get with a beauty order - save them!


I always refine myself to just one eyeshadow palette when travelling anywhere as it's good to keep everything as minimal as possible and powder palettes are perfect for this. Eyeshadow palettes and combined blush/bronze/highlight palettes are practical but a lipstick or cream contour palette would be classed as liquid, so be warey of that.

Pre spray clothes with perfume

This is a weird one but I find this really handy when I can't fit perfume in my bag. Spray your tops/dresses/jackets with your favourite perfume before packing and when it comes to wearing them, they will still smell just as lovely and fresh!

Know your liquids

Some things are classed as liquid that you might not think are. Mascara, lipstick, lip balm/chap stick being just a few. Just check on the packaging if it's measured in ml (millilitres) or g (grams) and that will save you time panicking at the airport.

Do you have any handy travel tips?