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15 Beauty Hacks

To be honest I'm a bit of a perfectionist and can be a little OCD. Everything has to be just right and in place from my wardrobe, to my room, to my makeup or I might be known to have a mini meltdown. There are a few key beauty hacks that I use daily which really help me to feel content as well as confident in my appearance. I've put together my favourite and thrown in a few more to share with you:

1. Use a fluffy brush to swipe away an itch if your makeup has already been applied

2. Wait until fully dried before trying to remove mascara smudges off your face

3. To to get the perfect winged eyeliner, use a face wipe and swipe upwards underneath to sharpen the edge

4. To check if your eyebrows are as symmetrical as they can be, tilt your head back slightly whilst looking in the mirror

5. Use a toothpick to neaten up nail varnish around the cuticles before it sets

6. Try to apply eye makeup first to avoid getting fall out all over the face

7. Draw a cross on the top lip when applying lip products to get a symmetrical finish

8. To avoid over packing when travelling, pre spray clothes with perfume

9. To remove excess oil on top of makeup, use a thin piece of tissue and lightly press onto the skin

10. Use Vaseline over liquid lipstick to make it more comfortable to wear

11. Spray setting spray before applying mascara to the lower lashes to avoid smudges

12. To enhance your face shape, always ensure the high points are the brightest and low points the darkest

13. To have a longer lasting and more pigmented eyeshadow, pat on the lid with a damp brush

14. Use highlighter down the nose to make it appear slimmer

15. Do a 'half wash' if you don't want to fully wash your hair (or just fringe if you're feeling lazy)

What are your favourite beauty hacks?