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Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Palette review & swatches

This post follows up my previous with swatches of this beautiful Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Palette as promised.

I was browsing the Makeup Revolution stand in Superdrug when I opened this palette and it was definitely love at first sight. This stood out more than any other palette did for me with its intense glow and shimmery shades.
The palette includes 8 shades, 2 of which are matte bronzers and the rest shimmery blush and highlight shades. I have swatched from top to bottom moving left (if that makes sense) as there are no shade names:

The first shade is a cool toned mauve colour which is actually a nice blend of matte and shimmer. It picks up more on the skin because of this and it's one of my favourites to use as a blush from the palette.

The second is the lightest from the palette and I guess would be used as a highlight. I'm quite fair so I can only use this as a highlight when I have self tan on, but I also use it occasionally on my eyes. It's super shimmery and pretty on the skin.

The next shade comes off slightly peach compared to the rest and is my other favourite shade to use as a blush. It's just the right shade of pink with added shimmer and makes the skin radiant but not over the top glittery.

Underneath, is this very pink glittery shade which is personally too bright for me but there's no denying that the pigments there. It's the brightest blush shade in the palette and adds a nice pink flush to the cheeks.

The next is this yellow toned bright shade, which is definitely one of the most pigmented in the palette! This works really well as a highlight and it's super glowy.

Underneath is an equally as bright and shimmery shade which I guess could be used as a highlight for very dark skin. For my skin tone it could be used as a shimmery bronzer.

The first bronzer shade is the slightly darker one which actually has a little bit of glitter in it which doesn't really pick up on camera, but it's really subtle. It's really soft and blendable and works well when I have a tan.

The last shade is the lighter bronzer shade which is fully matte and the perfect everyday shade for me to warm up my face with. It's probably my most used shade from the palette along with the first and third.

Overall, I'm so impressed with this palette and I'm still as obsessed with it now weeks on as I was when I first got it. Firstly for £6 it's amazing value as it includes bronzer, blush and highlight shades and is very versatile for different skin tones.
The quality for the price is really good, obviously not the most pigmented formula in the world but it works really well adding a fresh hint of colour and shimmer to the face.
I also love the packaging in a sturdy black case with a big mirror, it's very pleasing on the eye and elegant looking.
Definitely worth the purchase if it's something you've been looking at buying.