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Beauty Bay Wishlist

There are so many things I could say I want from the BeautyBay website, I'm constantly flicking through their products and reading reviews. I've had a proper look recently and these products particularly stood out for me:

I can't believe how cheap this palette is. I've been wanting to create my own for a while and wasn't  sure whether to go with Makeup Geek or something else, but then this appeared! It's a magnetic empty palette which can hold 12 eyeshadow pans. I've actually heard good things about Morphe eyeshadows recently and they are equally affordable at just £1.95 each. The only problem is, the eyeshadows to fill it are constantly out of stock. If I can get round to it this is definitely the palette I will choose to create my own as it will cost less than £30 to fill.

This concealer has been around a lot lately and I specifically hear about it most from watching Carli Bybel's tutorials on YouTube. She uses the darker shades to contour and swears by it even over high end concealers. I love a good under eye concealer as much as I love a high quality, low priced product.

Blush is probably one of the products that I have the least of, I'm not sure why because powder products are my favourite but I tend to stick with a couple and rotate them. This is one of them blushes that really stands out due to its amazing packaging and swirled pattern, it looks so lovely! I really want to try out one of these but I might wait until an offer comes up as its a tad pricey for a blush.

It's only right to get the matching brushes to your eyeshadow and this set is really affordable and has great reviews. After debating whether to invest in some Zoeva brushes I decided they were way too expensive for me, so looked into some other good quality yet affordable ones. This includes all your basics from big fluffy powder brush to a small precision brush. I don't actually use that much of a variety of different brushes myself so the basics are all I really need.

This palette I've actually been lusting after for a couple of months, but I wasn't aware until recently that it was available on the BeautyBay website. I fell in love with this in Debenhams as in person the shades are all absolutely beautiful. There's not one shade in the palette that I feel I wouldn't use, or wouldn't suit me. It's actually pretty cheap too for a 14 shade palette as on some other websites this is listed for £35!

Does anyone happen to have any of these products? What do you think?