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Getting that Glow for pale skin

Dewy, glowing and bronzed skin is something I admire all year round on others but can't really get away with myself due to having oily and naturally fair skin. The majority of my base products are either matte or mattifying to help hold everything in place but there are a couple of foundations I've found that I can wear with ease. I usually prefer to add the glow on top with the help of bronzer, highlighter and other shimmery products. Here's a few that work well for me:

This has been my kind of go-to lazy day/weekend foundation for a while now, for when I want to look as natural as I can with makeup on. I love the colour match it's the best I've got for my natural skin tone out of all my foundations so it really does look natural on. It gives a light and dewy finish and if built up, the coverage can be impressive too. This one doesn't get too oily over time, but after around 4 hours I will have to start touching up. It feels so light on the skin and doesn't feel uncomfortable even when it becomes oily, that's why I love it.

This I'd say is a higher end alternative to the True Match foundation as they are very similar in terms of formula and finish. It too is very light weight, easy to blend and gives a fresh, natural finish. The only difference with this is that the shade range isn't as diverse, as the paler shades tend to be a little on the yellow side. That being said it's still a high quality foundation and looks really dewy on the skin without feeling too uncomfortable, but again starts to get oily after a few hours so needs occasional touch ups.

For fair and pale complexions this concealer and shade (01 Porcelian) is absolutely ideal. It's one of the brightest concealers I've come across for pale skin and works really well with most foundations, although it is slightly pink toned opposed to yellow (which is actually better for most pale skin). It provides great coverage and equally as good highlight and has a nice creamy finish.

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray £7
This is a really good setting spray to use over a matte foundation as it eliminates any dryness and gives a fresh look and feel. It's not oily so is suitable for use on oily skin that needs a bit of a natural glow. It's also really hydrating for use on dry skin that needs a little help looking dewy.

This is one of my absolute favourite products. It's perfect for fair skin which needs a flush of colour and shimmer. The lightest shade is my personal favourite to use as a highlight as it matches my colouring well as it isn't too pink or yellow. It also works really nice as a subtle blush all mixed together

I've been loving this palette recently and it's a little more warm toned compared to the first palette so is better for a slightly warm, bronzy glow. The shimmer comes off natural looking on the skin and isn't too glittery or over the top. I prefer using shimmery blush opposed to matte to freshen up my cheeks and this really does that. A post on this palette will be coming soon!

What are your favourite products for glowing skin?