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Favourite Eyeshadow Shades & Swatches

I absolutely love wearing eyeshdow, it's one of my top products that I never go without - even on lazy days. I tend to go through phases of loving certain eyeshadows/palettes then not touching them for months when I find new ones to play with for a bit. The general colour's I reach for are the brown or pink ones and I've selected and swatched my current favourites that I use on rotate at the minute.

From top to bottom:

Cream Crush Lasting Colour Eyeshadow 06 Pearly Chocolate £6.90
As you can see this is the most pigmented of the swatches as it's the only one which is cream-based. It's a lovely warm brown glittery shade which actually looks so much better off camera. I love wearing this shade on its own for a quick, easy yet bold look.

This is one of my most used brown-toned shades from this palette and again works lovely used on its own or with a deeper brown. The shimmer shades are my favourite to use as they are really soft and easy to work with.

This is a cool-toned pink shade which I love using all over the lid with a deeper pink through the crease. It comes off really pigmented on the skin and suits my colouring well.

I use this highly pigmented shade for my brow bone and inner corner of the eye if I'm using other shades from the palette. It also works well in the center of the lid for a halo eye effect. It's the best in the palette to use for a shimmery highlight.

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette | Nudie £32
I rarely use matte shades alone but this is one of the only ones I use for a natural look as it's so soft and neutral. It's also a really nice crease / transition shade to use with the bolder shades in the palette.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette | Combust £38
I've been really liking this cool-toned baby pink matte shade lately with a smokey eye to really smoke out the edges. It comes off very light and delicate and works well with all the shades in the palette. It also looks really natural used alone for a minimal look.

Zoeva Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette | ND010 £28.50
This is my favourite of the pink shades in this palette as its slightly warmer and more pigmented. It's got a lovely shimmer to it and looks super pretty on. The formula is really creamy and requires minimal blending which is always good.
For the same reasons this is my favourite brown shade from the palette. The quality of all the shades in the palette are amazing but this is a stand out shade for me. This works really well with the dark brown matte shade in the outer corner.

What are your typical go-to eyeshadow colours/shades?