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Top Ten over £10

I'm a true drugstore and bargain lover when it comes to makeup and beauty products, im always waiting for deals and offers on the best items. Most of my posts on favourites or new buys etc include at least 80% drugstore and 'affordable' items so I thought I'd switch it up a little and talk about what my top ten over £10 at the moment are. I do like a bit of luxury - who doesn't, but my high end collection is very minimal. I only like to buy things if I know that I'm 100% going to like them or that they are going to benefit me in some way. So here's my picks:

The most expensive of my picks is obviously perfume. I'm very picky with perfume as I like the deeper more classic scents opposed to fresh and girly. This is my absolute favourite and I love the black and red bottle, it's so stylish. I'm not much of a daytime perfume wearer but I love this for date nights, nights out or special occasions.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation | £31
This is my go-to evening and special occasion foundation. It's a very popular one and it's not hard to see why. It's full coverage, lightweight, fresh, glowy and matte all at the same time. The shade range is really good and it's not difficult to find your match. I mainly use shade 1W1 Bone as it's a little darker and yellow toned and suits me well with a tan, but I also have a shade for my natural skin tone which is 1C1 Cool Bone. I just love how high quality and long lasting this is - I will always re buy it.

I find this foundation isn't talked about that much but I think it should be. It's oil free and really light and healthy looking on the skin. The shade range isn't the greatest as some people find the lightest shades to still be a little off on them. I have the lightest shade 'Pure 4 Sure' and although it is just a tad yellow on me I can still get away with it. It doesn't specify but I think it works best with oily skin, but would also be good for dry skin as its not fully mattifying. The coverage is light-medium buildable and sits comfortably on the skin without the tightness that some matte foundations give you. Works best as an everyday foundation I think.

I've never had the full version of this as I can't justify spending that much on a mascara but the little mini did the same job and I loved it while it lasted. I would 100% have this as my everyday mascara if it wasn't so pricey! I loved the sort of silicone feeling it gave on my lashes meaning no flaking or wearing away.

This concealer is amazing. The small tube it comes in looks decieving as it actually lasts a really long time as a little is all you need, seriously. This is a full coverage, highly pigmented yet blendable concealer which hides anything. The lightest shade is NC15 which is fine for me but if there were a lighter option I would probably chose it. Saying that it's still brightening and can make your skin look flawless.

This is my ultimate 'flawless face' setting powder. It's really effective in setting your makeup as well as highlighting the under eyes. It's really soft, and quite thick compared to cheaper setting powders which means it's really going to hold your makeup in place. It's been mentioned in a few posts lately including a review along with the Dermablend Foundation (read here) and a comparison with the nyx setting powder (read here). I feel like this powder gives your skin an overall fresh and finished look, rather than overly mattifying and looking powdery. 

This product has been one of few I use at night time recently. I've dramatically decreased my skincare routine to just using a select few items which don't contain alcohol or fragrance/perfume. I've really come to love this after being unsure if it was actually doing anything to begin with. I think with this it takes a while to sort of kick in and see results. I will apply on most of my face every other night or so and always wake up impressed with the overall look and feel of my skin.

I don't think you can go wrong with a Mac lip liner as there are so many different shades from nude to bolds. I love using them to line my lips before adding a drugstore lipstick to ensure I'm going to have an even and neat finish. My favourite is the shade 'Spice' but I also have 'Edge to Edge' (see swatches here).

My other mascara love and probably my second favourite from the drugstore after Lash Sensational, is this wonderful HD collagen mascara. I find this gives a similar finish to the lashes as roller lash does, leaving them flexible with a sort of silicone feel to them. The brush actually has a flatter edge to thicken the lashes and add the product and a comb-style edge to brush it through. I think this is the only non-curved mascara wand that I've found to be effective.

My final and cheapest product is this skin clearing clay mask, which has actually been permanently reduced to £10 from £14. This is one of the only masks I use, along with the aloe vera one also from the body shop. It's really creamy, not too thick nor thin and easy to apply. It doesn't crack when it's dried like cheaper ones do, but it does lighten in colour so you know when it's done. There's also not a strong tea tree scent to it which makes it easy and comfortable to wear.

What are your favourite products over £10?