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Disappointing Products #2

It's quite rare that I dislike products I buy. If you follow my posts regularly you'll have picked up that I'm quite specific to what I buy and will not dive into a new product before I've done plenty of research. This post follows my first on Disappointing Products - all of which were new products I hadn't looked much into before buying. This time my disappointing products have come from plenty of research and actually well rated products that I didn't find to live up to their names.

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara
Considering I didn't like this I still used it all - and even took it on holiday with me as my only mascara. While I was away I realised it was a bad decision as although it does reach every single lash with the precise tip, it made my lashes really spikey and straight - no curl whatsoever. The formula also sets really hard and I prefer a bit of flexibility on my lashes and this didn't provide this at all. It has its plus points as I said the shape of the wand allows you to get right in the corners, making your eyes really open. I wouldn't say I hated it but it's not something I will re buy.

I've spoke about this product in depth on my previous post here. To touch up on my comments, I just think it's a really messy product and a lot goes to waste because of it. I dislike how chalky it feels and the drying effect it has on my skin. It also gets in my eyes and up my nose as it's really fine and blows into the air. I just find it really hard to work with! It also creates major flash back in photos making your face look ghostly white. The only plus to this is that it keeps your face matte, there's no denying that.

I'm so disappointed that I can't seem to like this product. The product for me is really clumpy and quite hard to even out with the brush provided. I don't think it sits well on my lips as the finish isn't very nice and I find it to be uncomfortable. My lips look really wrinkled and unpleasant which doesn't happen with the other NYX lip products. I've tried it a few times in different ways - with and without lip balm underneath and on top but it doesn't make any difference. I'm really let down with this as I love the colour (Lace Detail) and it swatches on my hand so well, but it just doesn't make the cut for me.

What are your thoughts on these particular products?