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Boots Haul | Offers and free samples

I did a Boots haul! I'm very excited as I got quite a few free gifts and mini samples to test out with the offers that were on. Although I'm technically on a spending ban, this order was inevitable as the things I've bought I actually use daily and need as they are running low. I'll explain a little about each product I've bought and the offers that coincidentally applied:

L'Oreal Infalliable foundation £7.99 | 3 for 2
Of course this is part of the 3 for 2 range so this was my cheapest product from L'Oreal - meaning the freebie! I've always used shade 11 Vanilla and I've only just noticed that there was a 10 Porcelian. I guess there were just never any in stock when I've previously bought it. Vanilla was always a little too orange if I didn't have any tan on, so I think this should be just right for when I'm pale (although I don't plan on being so may have to mix!)

L'Oreal True match foundation £9.99 | 3 for 2 + free gift 
This is the exact same as I've used before - shade Ivory Rose which is the cooler shade of the Ivory's. Basically the very palest shade you can get! It also has a slight shimmer to it which is nice especially for upcoming summer. This is my holiday foundation so I will be using it for quick fresh makeup as its lovely and dewy.

L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara £8.99 | 3 for 2
As the 3 for 2 offer was on I may as well of tried a new product rather than getting another foundation. I was due a new mascara and I was originally going to get my second Maybelline Lash Sensational, but it would've cost more as it wasn't in the offer. I've heard briefly about this mascara being good but it's not a hugely popular product in the blogging world. There were the Punky and Hippie versions of it but I thought the Manga had the best sized/shaped wand.

Rimmel Perfect Match concealer £5.99 | 3 for 2 + free gift
I got 3 of these bad boys as I go through a tube in 2 weeks, I felt so reckless ordering that many! This is my everyday concealer which I love - it's so illuminating and rivals my other favourite NYX HD concealer but you get more product out of it. I just wish concealers could come in a foundation sized bottle, wouldn't that be great! This offer has just changed to buy 1 get 2nd half price so I think I got in just in time.

There was no offer for this product at the time (it's not like it needed it at that price) but it's currently on 3 for 2 on selected products. This is a popular cheap alternative to more expensive tanning brands, but just as good!

These came in at £1.94 each which was a bargain considering the smaller bottles of 200/250ml weren't included in the offer. I recently tried the colour illuminator range and I did actually really like it - it had a lovely smell and left a glossy shine. This time I've opted for the strength restorer as my hair is prone to breakage and split ends and I need help basically.

Boots Essentials cucumber wipes £1.50 | Free gift with selected facial wipes 
I like to keep my wipes as natural as possible as I mainly use them to add makeup remover onto. I also use them to quickly clean my makeup brushes after I use them in the morning, just so I don't have a build up of product for the next day.

Free samples / gifts

La Roshe-Posay Pigmentclar evening cream
I was quite surprised as it didn't mention anything until I added the True Match foundation to my bag when this mini sample pack containing 4x evening creams appeared. Then after I added 3x Perfect Match concealers it changed to 'quantity - 4' and I wasn't sure how that happened as it didn't really specify. When my order arrived I checked the order form and it did say that the free samples came with selected skincare - which coincidentally I chose 4 of so received 16x mini samples! Funnily enough I've been looking at La Roshe-Posay products recently so I'm really excited to try this, it's a cream which helps with the pigmentation of the skin and dark spots - something I've been trying out lately if you read my posts regularly.

Sanctuary Micellar Cleansing Water 50ml
This came as a free gift with the face wipes as an online only offer. I didn't even know there was an offer I just genuinely needed wipes and coincidentally my cleanser has just about ran out too, so perfect timing! This will be really handy for me to travel with, plus I checked the reviews on the product and all good!

Tresemme Beauty Full Volume sache 
This was also an online only offer which came with selected Shampoo, Conditioner or Mousses. This is just a one-use sample sache of the full version which promises bouncy hair by starting with a pre-wash conditoner.

I think with the offers and free gifts/samples I received I just ordered at a good time as a few of the offers have since changed and I only ordered on Monday. You have to keep a look out with Boots because the offers are regularly changing and you could get a good deal if you wait for it! I'm really chuffed with my bits though especially the La-Roche Posay products. In total I saved £17.87 than if the products weren't on offer.

Have you had any good deals / freebies from Boots?