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5 Makeup Products I Couldn't Live Without

This was quite a hard post to narrow down to just 5 products as I'm quite a full face lover, but I've managed to break it down to the basics! If I could add a couple more items it would definitely be concealer and setting spray, but that would of been too easy. So here's the 5 items I couldn't live without:

Foundation | L'Oreal Infallible matte foundation £7.99
My main product I just couldn't live without is foundation. Mainly because I don't have perfect skin and I like to give myself an even skin tone. With foundation you can build up desired coverage and totally freshen your face up.

Another necessity of mine is powder - making sure everything is in place for as long as possible. I also like it for that little extra coverage it gives, totally finishing the face off. I can't bare the feeling of foundation on my skin without setting it - especially under my eyes!

Brow pomade | NYX Brow pomade £5.50
A couple of months ago this wouldn't of been in this post as I wasn't too bothered about eyebrows but, getting them right really does help to frame the face and eyes. Even a light outline can transform your face.

Eyeshadow | Zoeva Nude Spectrum palette £28.50
An absolute must for me is eyeshadow! I never don't wear it (apart from in bed - obviously) as I feel it just really brings out the eyes, even a nude shade. I love how you can use eyeshadow for multipurpose use - highlighting etc. I just couldn't be without it!

Mascara | Maybelline lash sensational £7.99
My last product has to be mascara. Simply because it opens and defines the eyes, especially if you have light eyelashes like myself. If I have mascara on I don't always want/need eyeliner, but if I just had eyeliner with no mascara it would look a bit weird! I'd definitely chose mascara over eyeliner any day!

What products could you not live without?