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Beauty | New Buys

Since my spending ban has been going so well, and I happened to win a bit of money on a scratch card - I decided to try out some Aloe products from The Body Shop (also had a 40% off code).
I've recently been searching for affordable products for sensitive skin (preferably under £15) to help reduce my redness and spot breakouts. I'd read (quite a lot of) reviews on the Body Shop website on a few Aloe products, most of which seemed to mention that they were good at soothing and calming skin as well as reducing redness, even in some cases clearing the skin as well. Most commonly known for clearing skin from The Body Shop is Tea Tree - I do have a few bits from the range but not everything, and I really wanted to try something new for my skin.

Aloe Soothing Gel | £9.50
The first product I picked up was the Aloe soothing gel which comes in a small tube with a handy pump. Aloe gel for me is most associated with reducing and calming sunburn so I was hoping it would work similarly for my redness. This doesn't specify whether it's for day or night use as I read that some people use it as a moisturiser, but non the less I had to give this a try.

Aloe Rescue Cream Mask | £14
I also wanted a mask type product which would thoroughly work on my skin over time. I did originally set out to buy the tea tea tree clay skin clearing mask but it wasn't in stock when I went in, so I went for the next best thing which was the Aloe rescue cream mask. This is an overnight cream rather than a mask as it doesn't set on your face - meaning you can keep it on for a longer period of time. I liked the thought of it lasting a long time as its recommended use is twice a week - so I'd definitely get a few months out of it.

Tea Tree Oil | £8
Since using and loving the Tea Tree range this is one of the products that I hadn't tried and funnily enough mostly wanted to. This is an oil containing antibacterial properties which you apply directly to the skin. Being one of The Body Shops 'beauty gems' this has really good reviews of clearing spots without drying out the skin - something I desperately need right now!

Since buying these products last week I've been using the gel every night, and I've used the cream mask three times. So far I've definitely noticed reduced redness and my skin has calmed slightly and is more hydrated - nothing major yet but it's early days. I've used the tea tree oil twice as its a more recent buy than the other two - I applied this to the spots I had at night and by the morning they had refined and decreased in size as well as redness. I'm really hoping these carry on to work and further calm my skin down as I think it's sick of all my other products.

Have you tried any of these products? How did they work for you?