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Skincare routine for problematic skin

Skincare is something I've only been properly looking into for just under a year or so. Before that I just thought removing my makeup at night with a wipe and a bit of moisturiser in the morning was fine. But how wrong I was. Since properly looking into it and using more products, my skin has dramatically improved. I used to have such oily and problematic skin, and breakouts were never ending. I'm not going to say my skin is beautiful or perfect now, because well it isn't. I still have minor scars from acne and the odd breakout, but generally, I am pleased with the improvement. I still have a way to go before I will be able to go out bare faced, but I do feel more confident in my makeup than I ever did before. Here's a few products that have helped me so far!

I love to use tea tree face washes as it is naturally good for the skin as well as doing its job in waking you up. This is quite creamy and not quite as vigorous as I'd like it to be but, it does the job in lightly exfoliating and helping your skin to look and feel fresh. I'd recommend for more sensitive skin that can't take any vigorous scrubs.

Nivea soft moisturising cream
This really helps in making my skin soft, it's so silky and dries quickly. This is perfect if you suffer with dry skin as its really nourishing. I also like the Q10 range from Nivea, particularly the pore refining products. I feel like these helped my skin become softer, as well as more firm.

Nip + Fab Gylcolic fix serum
This is a new product in my routine - I've never tried this brand before but recently decided to give it a go. This is meant to refine pores (something which I need help with) as well as fine line and wrinkles. I use it in the morning rather than over night as suggested, just because I like to use tea tree at night. After around 4 days of use I started to notice a difference! My pores were definitely refined, which helped a lot when applying makeup making everything smooth and just generally better looking. I'm really impressed so far so I might have to expand my collection. A highly recommended product if you haven't got the most even skin.


Body Shop Tea Tree cleanser
Something which has improved the appearance of my skin is introducing a cleanser into my routine after I've removed my makeup with a wipe. It's quite surprising how much makeup gets stuck in all your pores and crevices even after you think you've removed it all. I will use a squirt of the cleanser on a cotton pad, and it will use both sides before every trace of makeup is totally removed. This gives a really deep clean making your skin feel so fresh afterwards.

Body Shop Tea Tree toner
This exact one doesn't seem to be on the website anymore so I've linked to a similar product. I hope they haven't stopped selling it because I really love this! It helps my face feel toned, as well as fresh and matte. It isn't drying at all as it feels just like water and best of all doesn't leave your face sticky. I love how big this is too it's lasted me months.

Body Shop Tea Tree night lotion
This is my favourite product to use for spots over night. It really targets problem areas and you can feel it working (stinging - but in a good way). I will use all over my face as if it's a moisturiser, rather than on particular areas. It reduces redness and aggressive breakouts overnight, a good emergency lotion!

Can you recommend any products for problematic and break out prone skin?