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Beauty & Travel | What to pack

I've planned a little drip down south this weekend to visit Thorpe Park for a mini get away. I'm also planning a holiday around Thailand, Singapore and possibly Bali for around June and it got me thinking - what are my must have travel beauty products?!
I'm not usually the lightest of packers - but I am good at picking out specifically what products I'm going to need for my face, I never over do it in that sense.

Obviously the best thing to take away in terms of keeping things to a minimum are palettes - eyeshadow palettes, blush palettes, contour palettes, lip palettes etc.
Think about what type of trip it is, and what look(s) you are after. Will you need minimal nude makeup or evening smoky/dramatic makeup (or both?). Maybe you have a palette which consists of both looks, or even includes a couple of blush shades - this is always handy.

Since I have 2 completely different trips planned from a city break to an adventure around Asia, I thought I would compile some appropriately suited makeup for each destination.

City break

This is a no brainier for me. Long days walking around, no time to go back to the hotel to touch up. You want something that's going to stay in place the whole day, without feeling as though it's melting off your face and making you feel uncomfortable. This is a perfect foundation for exactly this.

If you are after a good quality foundation with equally good lasting power then this is what you need. This will stay in place all day, and still remain flawless after hours. A little lighter in consistency and not entirely matte (but not dewy either) but still great coverage for getting you through that full day with no makeup mis-haps. It's personally my favourite to wear on the evenings.

This is a perfect palette for everyday wear, a quick flush of colour on the eyes and you're good to go. You don't want to spend hours getting ready just to go exploring all day (I'm very guilty of this and my boyfriend hates it). But the quality of these shadows requires minimal effort to blend, and look super pretty by themselves. If you are planning on going out in the evenings this also includes a black shade which is good at turning that nude look smoky.

This is my go to lip product as its so easy to sweep on. The brush allows a quick and even coverage without having to use a separate brush to sharpen up any edges (and won't melt down like a lipstick does!). This will last you for hours throughout the day before having to re touch, and will last through food and drink too. The neutral colour gives a minimal but flawless look, you can't go wrong!

Beach getaway 

This is a good 'my skin but better' foundation. It has a good light-medium coverage and leaves your skin looking radiant. This is perfect for that beach look, if you are still requiring to wear a foundation at all. This is not necessarily a long lasting foundation but definitely a natural and dewy one with a soft finish. I'm not sure if this applies to all of the shades but mine actually has a subtle rose shimmer in it!

If you are travelling long distance or will be constantly on the move (e.g island hopping) then this is a good palette to take. As they are one of the cheapest (but still amazing quality) palettes around there will be no harm in it possibly being damaged, or even lost - better this than your £38 Urban Decay Palette. Shades are varied and incredibly quick and easy to use, the shimmer shades especially. It also includes a large mirror which is always a plus.

There are numerous versions of this palette from different brands but this is probably one of the cheapest ones around. It speeds things up as all the products are in one, also saving on space. The shades are great for everyday use and aren't too overpowering in colour. It's also good to have a highlight with you to make you look extra glowy in the sun!

As you tend to wear less eye makeup in the heat I like to focus on my brows a little more to frame my eyes. This is a creamy formula but dries and sets naturally on the brows, and is very long lasting too. You can use this to make your brows as natural or as dramatic as you want.

And lastly if you haven't already tried (or already own) one of these then I'd strongly suggest you do! It's so handy for travel especially as it saves on bringing a foundation brush, concealer brush and any other blending brush for your liquid products you may require. I believe it even has a better finish especially for blending than a brush does.

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