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Disappointing Products

This is my first time doing a post on disliking products. It's pretty rare that I don't like something I have as I tend to do a bit of research before hand, making sure that I know it will be beneficial to me in some way.
These 4 products I've chosen (some of which I really didn't want to dislike) have all disappointed me in someway, and as it stands right now I won't be in any rush to re purchase any of them.

Rimmel Match Perfection foundation
I had high hopes for this foundation. I really wanted to expand my everyday collection but I only ever buy foundations that I feel would suit my skin best, rather than for a hype or new launch. I really love the match perfection concealer so I though this would impress me but sadly it hasn't. I will give it that it's a great colour match, I just find it a little thick, making it difficult to blend, and the lasting power isn't  great either. I could feel this on my face after about 4 hours and I felt really uncomfortable until I was able to get home to take it off. I will give it a few more try's though so it's not a total wipeout just yet.

Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel palette
I don't know what it is with this palette but I just don't like it. I'm not sure what made me pick this particular set of shades, as I feel like they are really bland and don't stand out to me at all. The pigmentation of these were described as 'super pigmented' and to be fair I have seen a lot of bloggers talk good about these palettes, but I personally didn't find them as highly pigmented as they were made out to be and struggled to get a decent look from them. I don't feel like the shimmer shades came off as shimmery as they seemed, and lack in quality. Maybe it's the particular 'Au Naturell' palette I chose or the shades don't suit me - but I wouldn't know as I don't fancy buying another! 

Benefit High Beam
I've been trying this on and off for months now, thinking maybe it was reacting differently to different foundations, or maybe I was applying it wrong. But I've just come to terms with the fact that it doesn't like me. I guess it's just my problematic skin so I don't know if I can blame the product as it's such a highly rated highlighter. It seems to remove foundation where I apply it so you can see exactly where it is, but not in the way intended. It works well on my brow bone but if I apply it to my cheeks or nose, then my foundation melts away. I just don't understand! Please let me know if this happens to anyone else.

Revlon Color Stay concealer
I bought this product for the simple reason the one I was after wasn't in stock and I was in a bit of a rush. I'd never really heard about this in the blogging world so I was a bit sceptical but I thought since the Color Stay foundation is ok on me as well as full coverage maybe this will be too. The concealer is actually really thin, and even though it was in the palest shade, it was still darker than my foundation in the palest shade. I found it to be quite sticky when applying, not the best at blending and it clung to my fine lines and creased under my eyes. I would only recommend this for use on some slight discolouration on the skin, as it doesn't provide the best coverage, and I wouldn't recommend for under eye use as it's quite dulling!

What do you think about these particular products?