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5 ways to feel productive indoors

I know it's hard to stay focused, remain positive and most of all be productive when you really don't feel like it. Whether it's a day off, sick day, working from home or even whilst at work (I get a lot of free un productive time at work hence the time to blog) - I've brought you 5 things that I find help to beat the blues.

Clean up
This is a no brainier for me - I actually like cleaning and once I start I can't stop. You can clean your room, change your bed sheets, re arrange your wardrobe (I like mine in a particular order), clean your makeup brushes, sort your makeup drawers/storage out, sort your washing out. This all might seem very mundane but it honestly makes you feel a lot better.

Clean your phone and iPad up
I like to do this quite often, sometimes just lying in bed. I'll check my emails, make sure everything's marked read, keep things I may need and delete things I dont. I also like to go through my pictures on camera roll and photo stream and delete any unnecessary photos taking up space - I will delete most of my pictures I have for my blog once I've uploaded and used on Instagram, just because I most likely won't be needed them again unless I want to refer back to them in which case - I can get them off my blog. You can also update any apps that need updating and update your phone/iPad to the latest version. I have a lot of notes on each device too so I will make sure they are up to date.

Blog work
Now there's loads you can do if you have a blog, in the comfort of your own home. You can analyse your posts, see which ones are the most popular and consider why. Make a list of blog post ideas - posts you'd like to do this week/month. You can check your blog, visit your page as if you are a viewer. Check that there are no spelling mistakes (this has happened to me despite being certain there was none) and that all the links work/still work and update if necessary. Then there's your blog layout, you can refresh your blogs look whether it be dimensions, positioning, style/theme and header font and picture. Make sure everything's up to date including your picture icon (if you have one) it's usually good to match it up with your other social media accounts so people may recognise you easier. You can take advantage of the free time you may have to take some pictures for your blog - take a few with different themes so you are stocked up on ideas and material. And lastly if you don't already do this, it's good to pre write posts and have them saved in drafts. I can have posts in drafts for weeks and add to them gradually until I feel they are ready and have enough content to be published.

Pamper yourself
If you're not in the mood to go all out with face masks, hair masks the lot, it doesnt take much effort to pamper yourself just a little bit. You could remove your chipped nail varnish, file your nails and re polish with your favourite colour, the same goes for your toe nails, pluck your eyebrows, trim up any stray or long hairs, dye your hair (if you do it yourself) or moisturise and put some tan on. Then there's the obvious take a nice long bath/shower - although this isn't being strictly being productive, more hygenic!

Now this isn't one for everyone but this is what I like to do with my free time. I always have loads of things I want to make so I enjoy getting the opportunity to have the kitchen to myself for a couple of hours or so to make something delicious either for tea or for afterwards (usually a big cheesecake). If you don't have much in see what you do have that you can work with - I made some peanut butter flapjacks the other week by doing just this!

What do you like to do with your free time?