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February Favourites

I'm back on this extra day in February with my monthly favourites, which is a combination of makeup, skin care and lifestyle items! I've not been majorly experimental this month but I have delved into a few brands and products which I've never tried before, so I've not done too bad. Here we go:

I've been using this palette a little more this month, but for more natural toned glittery looks. It has 4 glittery neutral tones, as well as a couple of similar matte colours and highlight shade. The quality of the shadows are really good, the shimmer in them is really pretty and they blend effortlessly.

As you may or may not know I've mentioned this quite a bit in recent posts (I should really get another to talk about) but, if you haven't tried the Iconic collection it's a must! I still can't believe the price of this palette and the intense pigmentation some of the shades give you. There are a few which lack in this but overall, I can't complain.

Since I've bought this I've used it pretty much everyday. It's great for quick everyday makeup especially when you're in a rush as it saves you searching for each individual product, when it's all here in one. It really does speed things up, but as well as that they are lovely shades which suit me nicely. I'd say the blush shade is the least pigmented of the three, but that doesn't bother me as a light blush is better than a harsh one!

These shadows come off really natural and soft, and are really light and easy to blend. The powder itself feels a little dry, but maybe that's just the matte shade. They are buildable to create a deeper shade and make a really nice soft smokey eye. 

A matte lipstick that is actually matte without drying out your lips! This has really good staying power and doesn't make the lips appear dry, cracked or flaky. It feels a little dry when applying but that's not the case what so ever on the lips. The only thing I do find is that the shape of the tip is a little awkward - so I use a lip brush to ensure for a neat application. I love the natural colour, an all round great product!

This product took me a while to get used to but I've been loving it this month - the shade (Stockholm) is just a perfect colour for the lips it almost looks like you have nothing on. I've spoke about this product a lot recently so if you wish to read more you can do so here.

This was an impulse buy, just because. And I actually really loved it and has now grown on me. I don't think I like it quite as much as the NYX hd concealer but saying that it is similar, but still, not quite the same. I love it's creaminess and the way it illuminates the face as well as being a full coverage concealer.

This is always going to be my favourite drugstore foundation. After having a break from it through January I recently rediscovered it and loved it more than I did before. I haven't found a similar priced foundation yet which does a better job.

For some reason I like using the dewy version even though I don't like dewy foundation or skin (on myself anyway). It just helps to lift the powdery look once everything's set and makes everything look more natural. With the help of a matte foundation this works wonders and leaves my makeup in place for hours and hours. This has also lasted me for ages and it still seems to have loads left, and I use around 6 sprays a day!

I've actually been using this as a face moisturiser as it says for face body and hands. I also use on my elbows and knees before tanning, and hands as well. I don't think you can go wrong with Nivea creams can you.

I've been using this same product for months now, I used to use St. Moriz but I find this is s nicer shade and looks more bronze rather than just a flat brown colour. I prefer to use a mousse and have a gradual tan opposed to a wash on or a mist/spray. I usually apply this twice a week but most times I'm feeling lazy and do it just the once - it will last me around 4 days at most. This is a good one to try if you prefer a bronze sun kissed colour.

These are my favourite products from the collection - they both do the best job in making my skin look and feel fresh. I use the toner every night and there's still quite a bit left even after 2 months of use, and the night cream I will use every other night.

This is from a collection of Ted Baker products - a range I love as it has the loveliest pink packaging and scents. I've been using this lately before I leave the house for work to avoid my hands being cracked in this brisk weather. It's also a perfect size to fit in your bag!

I usually always buy Nivea face wipes as they feel really soft on the skin but I've given these a go this month. Botanics by boots is a range I've been meaning to try and the wipes themselves are good quality and were at a cheap price. Next time I'll have to pick up some other products from the all bright collection.

Water infuser
I got this bottle for Christmas so I can't say where it's from but I'm sure a lot of places sell the same thing. I started using it this month, just putting half a lemon in the bottom compartment. It really does make drinking water a lot easier (with the help of the straw too) as it's something I'm trying to keep on top of. I've also used half a lime and two strawberries halved which is a good combo - it just helps to sweeten the taste of the water, it's a good way of getting vitamins and fresh water simultaneously.

Sketch book & pens
I'm trying to get some creativity flowing as I've lacked a lot in the past year or so since starting work in the real world. I've always loved being creative and especially drawing and designing, so I'm trying to incorporate it in with my blog work. This is just a line up of lipsticks, I feel like I'm teaching myself how to draw again! The sketch book is from Pink Pig - probably too thin in hindsight as my markers are bleeding through each page! And the pens are Letraset pro markers and I got them off eBay.

What have been your favourites this month?