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Christmas Day lipstick | Kate Moss

I know a lot of beauty enthusiasts will be excited to get out their favourite festive lipstick this Christmas, and as it's just around the corner I'm sure it's crossed many girls minds what makeup they are going to wear for the day (and evening) as well as what clothes to wear! - I've been thinking about it too just recently.
A recent purchase especially for Christmas, this Kate Moss lasting finish lipstick from Rimmel is my current obsession. It's silky texture, strong pigmentation and long durability are factors everyone looks for in a lipstick (as well as a pretty colour). It has a great finish when blotted with tissue to make it matte - a similar finish to what some Mac liners give me except a little creamier in consistency.
The shade (08) suits my complexion nicely without being too overpowering in colour. I would of loved to go for a darker more plum shade but they tend to make my face look washed out so I avoid them for that reason. This way I guess it's a little less noticeable if I smudge it all over my face eating Christmas dinner!

Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick - Rimmel £5.49