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Beauty: Affordable foundation review

I've been meaning to do a post like this for a while but have been taking time to use the different foundations to see how they compare and their value for money. These I all bought from reading good reviews - minus the Infallible and Lasting Performance as I've been using these a good while now. I have actually included a Benefit foundation - which could be argued as non affordable but as it's a miniature I thought I could pass it off!
So as you may tell from the image there are 2 which are cooler toned than the others, that would be Maxfactor's Lasting Performance and Revlon Color Stay which I use when I'm at my palest. These just have a 'cool' undertone for whiter complexions which makes it slightly more pinkish in comparison to the warmer colours. I use these to mix with the warmer colours to get the balance right. I'll talk about them first:

Maxfactor Lasting Performance
I always use this when I'm my palest - no tan no nothing, I mainly use it to mix with the warmer foundations to bring the tone down as it's very blendable and has a nice texture. It's a great 'go to' foundation as well as a good base as it has a medium coverage, and priced at £9.99

Revlon ColorStay for combination/oily skin
A recent purchase after reading good reviews, it is high coverage and slightly matte which is a must for me. The colour did last all day but I found after about 8 hours it started to slightly dry my skin out - not excessively but I did notice. I think this is a good one for a night out as the coverage is what you need and it does last a good few hours. This was priced at £12.99

LOréal Infallible 24 Hour Matte
I've already briefly spoke about this foundation - high coverage and nice consistency. It really does last hours and hours I love it, I use it for work as it prevents my skin becoming oily throughout the day. This is such good value for money at £9.99 and highly recommended if you haven't already tried it.

LOréal True Match
After becoming a little obsessed with LOréal products and reading reviews I decided to try this foundation. It's a lovely fair colour in comparison to the infallible which is a little orange unless mixed, and really does match your skin well if you are using the correct shade. This is slightly dewy in comparison to what I'd normally wear but I actually really like it as it's still high coverage at the same time. It gives a nice healthy glow and feels weightless, lasting all day as well (all though can become a little oily). Also great value at £9.99

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow
As I said this a miniature to test if I liked the product before buying full version and I'd say it's really quite similar to the true match - quite light and dewy but full coverage at the same time. I do really like this foundation but since it's so similar to a foundation almost a third of the full price I think I will stick with LOréal! Im a bit in love with benefit products though at the minute so I'm not sure if I can resist. You can get this miniature in various small sets for slightly cheaper than the full sized version price of £26.50

Maybelline Flawless Nude
This is my least favourite of the foundations, it actually stung my face and eyes! It smells slightly acidic so that might be why. It has a very thin consistency and medium coverage which is good for a light dewy look, it does look natural though I'll give it that. Priced at £8.99