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Beauty | New buys

These are the products I've recently bought and I'm loving:

I always carry around a bronzer and a big brush to bronze my arms or face or anywhere needed on the go and this one from Soap and Glory compliments my skin tone perfectly giving a shimmery multi tonal finish. I use the darker shade separately for the hollows of my cheeks and the lightest tone as a highlight but will mix them all together to use as a blusher. 

The Dr Spot was just an impulse buy, I didn't even read the box when I picked it up, I usually use Eucerin products (toner, overnight gels & creams) as they are a skin specialist brand and have worked well for me so far. They help to reduce any inflamed areas or angry looking skin but recently I've not been noticing it working as well. Up to now the Dr Spot gel has worked fairly, there weren't any overnight results but after 3 days now I'm starting to notice my skin clearing up.

Now onto my cute Benefit minis, I got these in a set along with a few eye shadows, to test out which Benefit products are suited to me before buying larger versions. As I've spoke about previously I'm currently using L'Oreal's Magic Blur moisturiser and Infallible Primer, and I've heard good things about the POREfessional so thought I'd give it a go. It has a similar consistency to the Magic Blur - they are both really soft and feel weightless on your skin. The Benefit does have a colour to it which blends into your skin well unlike the Magic Blur which is white.

I'm loving the 'Roller Lash' mascara, it feels so soft in consistency unlike cheaper brands and applies so evenly. I find when I use other mascaras after a few hours the top of my lashes transfer some of the product onto my brow bone which doesn't look great. 

I'm impressed with all my buys and will probably get more products with these two brands, so far so good!