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November Favourites

It's the end of November!! I'm off to Copenhagen this weekend so posting a little early. This month (beauty wise) has been full of colour, highlights, bronzer and new products for me - I've been trying out a lot of new products and brands lately! These are my favourites this month that I want to share and talk about with you. My favourite brands this month have been Soap & Glory, Benefit and L'Oreal, I use them all in my everyday makeup as well as any night time look - they are all so versatile.

L'Oreal True Match foundation
I've already briefly spoke about this product - I love it's dewy yet full coverage look. I find it good for those brisk cold days that drain the moisture from your face rather than using a matte foundation, helping to keep you looking radiant and bright. It's a little lighter than other L'Oreal foundations so it is much more natural and easy to blend.

L'Oreal Bronzer
As you can tell I have rinsed this product this month, it's been my saviour in giving me that bit of colour I definitely need this time of year. I use it as a contour for my cheeks and side of face, also using a big brush I blend it down my neck and arms to waken my colour up. It's quite pigmented so a little goes a long way.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation
Again I've covered this product a little in my post about affordable foundations. The consistency is similar to L'Oreal True Match except probably stays in place a little longer. I find it a little dark even though it's the lightest shade so I do have to mix this unless wearing fake tan then it's perfect! I am a bit in love with Benefit products at the minute so I can see myself buying the full version.

Soap & Glory Scrub Atomic face polish 
I read some good reviews on this product, I'm recently getting into Soap & Glory and love a face scrub. I've used this almost everyday this month and it has a lovely peachy smell and leaves your face fresh and clean. The scrub is soft and not too coarse (I'm used to using St Ives invigorating scrub) so it's nice for a gentle cleanse.

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel night treatment gel
My current favourite night time product is this intensive treatment gel, at such cheap price as well! It's so soothing on the skin and doesn't sting at all like other night time products tend to. You wouldn't even think it was working until you woke up - has great overnight results and reduces any redness or problem areas you may have. 

Soap & Glory Peach Party multicolour brick
This is my absolute favourite product recently - I use it everyday as it's so versatile to use for contouring, highlighting & as a blusher. The finish is light and shimmery so there's no worrying about applying too much to your brush, I love it!

Mac lip liner in Edge To Edge
Not a typical 'dark Autumn lip' colour but it suits my colouring nicely. The colour is bold but not too overpowering - I don't like bright pink lips. I use this colour in my daytime makeup or for work as it literally lasts for hours and hours before you have to retouch anything. Has a great matte finish, can't go wrong!

Benefit Boi-ing concealer 
This is a double concear from a Benefit kit I got, the second shade is too dark to use as a concealer so I use for contouring. The finish on this creamy product is so soft and flawless, I can really tell the difference than when using a liquid concealer - it blends so effortlessly. I'm running dangerously low but I will be repurchasing!!

Benefit roller Lash
This is actually empty now - I have used religiously everyday since I got it. I really love it. It's so different from standard mascaras such as L'Oreal, Maxfactor, Maybelline etc. It stays put all day (even over night if I can't be bothered removing!). There's no clumps, flaking or wearing off with this product which is amazing! I'm definitely going to be getting the full version.

Maxfactor Max Effect mini nail polish in Intense Plum
I love this colour, a perfect autumn shade with a pop of colour. These mini Maxfactor nail varnishes are my 'go to' nail product as I love the colour range. 

Maxfactor Gel shine Laquer nail polish in Sheen Merlot
A slightly glossier, more sophisticated polish perfect for evenings. This is a good quality product and a good way to cheat a gel nail manicure without the price.